Had Sharon Tate survived their attack

Quentin Tarantino: Once upon a time in ... Hollywood

"I try", says Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) from the ambulance when Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) thanks him for his good friendship. Together they have just fended off an attack by four members of the infamous Manson gang - Cliff with his bare hands on acid, Rick - drunk as usual - with a flamethrower. Tarantino's 9th film is not only full of humor, but also a lot of love - for the film.

"Hello, hot stuff!"

The year is 1969. Not only the year of Woodstock (Three Days of Peace, Love and Music), but also of Altamont and the Charles Manson murders of the actress and wife of the director Roman Polanski Sharon Tate, and Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski. In Tarantino's declaration of love to Hollywood in the sixties, Sharon Tate lives on and invites neighbor Rick Dalton to drink a cocktail after the attack. Tarantino shows what it could have been like if she had survived: having the baby, starting a family, being happy. But even during the plot of the film, which spans six months, the cult director devotes himself to a loving homage to the actress in the cinema while watching her own film ("The Wrecking Crew", 1968, with Dean Martin). In a parallel montage he shows the joys and sorrows of the acting profession: Sharon Tate's joy in the cinema and Rick's desperation over his alcoholism. "You are a fucking miserable drunk" he insults himself during his self-talk and tantrums in the trailer. "8 (!) Whiskeys sour every fucking night, not three or four".

"Tonight’s the night. Why not?"

To reduce Tarantino to his notorious scenes of violence - which of course also occur - would mean misunderstanding his cinematic genius. Or as Christoph Waltz puts it in an interview: "True is what happens on the set. True is what happens on the screen. But the violence (in his films) is just ... opera!Quentin Tarantino has a good command of the "cinematic vocabulary" because he has seen so many films himself. You can see that in his ninth film, "Once upon a time in ... Hollywood", which falls between the western genre and the crime and noir genre changes. The series actor Rick - "I don't need to trip on no acid, my booth don't need a buddy." - Dalton is in a life and meaning crisis because he forgets his lyrics The former fame of his hit series "Bounty Law" is fading and after a few spaghetti westers he even has to quit his stunt double and best friend Cliff Booth, but when the Manson gang shows up at his mansion on Cielo Drive in LA, he is a friend on the spot. Isn’t this what friends are for?

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