Why do people glorify depression

Thoughts of Suicide & Depression

When do I dial the emergency number?

Choose the 112when you or someone else is in danger and needs help as soon as possible. Stress in the network can result in self-harm - e.g. B. risk of suicide - or danger to others - z. B. Threat of violence - go.

What happens if I dial 112?

You will be connected to the emergency call center in your area, which will record your emergency. The person you are speaking to is specially trained to help you with your problem. They pass it on to the fire brigade, police or an emergency doctor.

On the phone you will be asked what happened. The 5-W questions that are asked by the rescue center help here - you do not have to remember them:

  • WHERE did it happen?
  • WHO calls?
  • WHAT has happened?
  • HOW MANY Are you injured or affected?
  • WAITING on inquiries. Maybe they want to know something about you.

By the way: You can also reach the emergency call with a mobile phone without credit and without having to enter the PIN. The number 112 is uniform across the EU. In Germany you can also call the police on 110.

Click here for more information on help at polizei-für-dich

Misuse of the emergency number is a punishable offense.