How are cats and dogs alike?

Cats that think like dogs

There are certain breeds of cats that think and behave like dogs. But you can also encourage this behavior.

Last update: 23 March, 2020

There are certain breeds of cats that do like dogs think.They have various similar behavioral patterns, among which the desire for a relationship with humans is particularly noticeable. This sociability is expressed in their body language and can be promoted through various exercises.

There is a deeply ingrained belief in the independent and detached behavior of cats, which is usually understood as the opposite of dogs. However, not all domestic cats identify with such clich├ęs. They like to play, respond to their name and some even love the water.

Some of the common gestures of dogs and cats that like dogs think, the are diverse Facial expressions, including movement of the ears. Tail movement and even the degree of back arching are also important indicators of the wellbeing of these animals.

Furthermore both species are characterized by the great development of their sense of smell and hearing, that are important for communication and interaction with other animals.

Breeds of cats that think like dogs

Although any cat can behave like a dog, both for genetic reasons and environmental factors, there are a number of breeds that are prone to this behavior:

  • The Abyssinian cat. Ethologists call her the ideal cat for those who are used to handling dogs. she is energetic, sociable, looking for toys, following her owner and usually likes water. It can also be kept on a leash.
  • The ragdoll. The name of this breed means "rag doll" because of the gentle and sociable character of the animal. Although it is playful, it is characterized by the The serenity with which she reacts to the caresses of her owner and of strangers. In addition, it is the ideal cat to live with other animals.
  • The Turkish Angora. She is one of the cats that is most similar to dogs there she wants to be the center of attention. She is playful, loyal and sociable and usually stands out for her Receptivity to visits from strangers. We also want to mention her good swimming skills.
  • The Maine Coon. They are one of the largest domestic cats and are larger than smaller breeds of dogs. She is affectionate and playful towards her owner. She is also able to bring back toys. However, she can also be suspicious of visitors.

How to Promote Dog Behavior

Aside from certain breeds of cats that think like dogs, there are a few steps you can take to increase that sociability.

  • Do exercise and memory training. Although it may take more effort than dogs, cats can listen to their names, search for toys, and even bring them. The results are usually better if you work with pipes, so that certain behaviors are associated with sounds.
  • To go for a walk. Because of their calm character, some cats are suitable for walks on a leash. These guided walks should be done in quiet places where the absence of dogs is guaranteed.
  • Development with dogs. When cats grow up with dogs, provided they are open-minded and calm, they tend to mimic dog behavior. Likewise, increased contact with people in the first few months of life will encourage the cat to socialize.

However, it is important to be aware of the limits of each species. Education about urine and feces or the number of commands and instructions given should be appropriate to the species.

It is imperative for common welfare that you educate yourself about the breeds of cats that are best suited to your own lifestyle. You should also be aware that much of a pet's character is a reflection of what it learns in its everyday environment.

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