How do charter schools work

How charter schools buy political support

  • In Florida, the Miami Herald calls the state's ethics laws a "hoax" because the Floridians have not been protected from lawmakers who privately benefit from the charter school industry and are actively pushing - and successfully passed - legislation to fund for-profit funding Private schools at the expense of public education. "The Herald names names. Rep. Manny Diaz (Republican Hialeah) is a member of the Education Committee and the K-12 Funds Subcommittee, working to ease restrictions on charter schools. He is also the chief operating officer of the Doral College Charter who is part of the for-profit Academica Charter School network and pays him a salary of over $ 100,000 per year. Richard Corcoran (Republican-Country O'Lakes) is Florida House Speaker and his wife is the founder of a charter school in Pasco County. Representative Michael Bileca (Republican Miami) chairs the Florida House Education Committee. Bileca is the executive director of a foundation that funds charter schools and the founder of one of its beneficiaries. Diaz, Corcoran and Bileca led legislation that resulted in millions of dollars in taxation public schools were withdrawn and money redistributed to support the expansion of the Charter School Br so to finance.

  • Stephen Dyer, a former Ohio state lawmaker, describes Ohio charter schools as a "national embarrassment." The $ 1 billion annually publicly funded charter industry in Ohio has suffered from years of financial scandals and poor performance. In 2015, when a bill on oversight in the state legislature was about to be passed, it was removed from scrutiny by Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (Republican-Clarksville). Rosenberger is a primary recipient of Charter School donations.

  • In Arizona, despite past tax dollar abuse, charter schools regularly receive exemptions from state oversight obligations. They also receive over 25% of state education, despite enrolling only 15% of school-age students in Arizona. The far-right Republican governor of Arizona has been accused by the even more right-wing superintendent of schools in Arizona of forming a "shadow faction of charter school operators" committed to "transferring funds from traditional public schools to charter schools."

  • The reasons for the lack of accountability and disproportionate government funding are explored in a report by Arizonians for Charter School Accountability. Among other things, they found that Benjamin Franklin, a nonprofit charter school, is owned by Arizona State Representative Eddie Farnsworth (R). In 2016, the charter school spent $ 155,106 more on facilities than on classroom instruction. It rents its schools from LBE Investments, a for-profit real estate company also owned by Farnsworth.

  • Arizona has a state agency that grants charter status to "qualified applicants" and "oversees charter schools." The President of the Board of Directors is a political lobbyist who defines her role as a promoter of school elections and as a sponsor of charter schools without regulating them. The vice chairman of the board of directors is the founder of a charter high school. Other members include a charter school operator, a charter school teacher, a charter school attorney, a construction company CEO who also serves on the board of directors of the local Teach for America chapter, and the CEO of a charter school network.

  • The charter school's youngest battlefield state is New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo, a nominal Democrat, is pushing his Republican Senate allies and his nomination to a charter governing body to approve charter schools to replace teachers with untrained, unskilled individuals. Cuomo's policy officers, who act as trustees of the State University of New York (SUNY), are considering a proposal to exempt charter schools from public school teacher certification requirements that they approved less than two months ago. Fifteen of the eighteen SUNY members were appointed by Cuomo with the approval of the Republican-controlled Senate.

  • Burris has carefully set out the money that links ambitious President Cuomo to the charter.

  • Just to make the money flow easier to visualize: