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90 likes. This is the official homepage of the sailing training ship Greif. specific terms translation, German - English dictionary, see also 'specific', save ', specify', speci ', examples, conjugation The owner of the sailing school ship Greif is the Hanseatic city of Greifswald. addition: ... Our award-winning phrasebook app for English for Android devices contains over 6000 useful phrases and words with soundtrack. In the case of the latter, there might be a problem with the pronunciation because there is (unfortunately!) Another word for after: at the end of, following, subsequent to, before, earlier | Collins English Thesaurus Similar terms. Look up translation German-English for technical terms in the PONS online dictionary! nautical terms Written by volker sturmat Hits: 5419 nautical terms Written by volker sturmat Hits: 5499 nautical terms Written by volker sturmat Hits: 5624 nautical terms Learn the translation for 'Term' in LEO's English ⇔ German dictionary. GLOSSARY of terms relevant to environmental protection GERMAN - ENGLISH Abbau degradation; decomposition degree of biodegradability degradation rate constant degradation kinetics degradation kinetics degradation performance degradation performance degradation rate degradation rate waste disposal waste… Jump to navigation Jump to search. Forms and mathematical terms. Otherwise, the aforementioned book is really recommendable, as you have the terms in Danish, Dutch, Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Greek and Turkish. Vocabulary Technical English for chemical professions Status: 20.10.04 German English Page / Comment Degradation speed degradation velocity V115 Blow-off pressure blowing-off pressure V078 Sealing of floors seal of trays V141 Partner of GorchFock.de; Fellowship. Basic terms (German - English) Search ... Start; Community. bicultural bicuspid bicuspid bicuspid valve bicuspid bilabial bilabial bilabial bilaminar bilaminar zone • Take stock balance Balance sheet assets ... Please only ever enter exactly one German-English translation (for formatting see guidelines), if possible with a good reference in the comment field. is a skilled worker, corresponds internationally to the German sailor, in contrast to O.S.-ordinary Seaman-equals auxiliary worker. A.B. is written after the names of the seamen in the model roll. With definitions of terms from refrigeration, air conditioning, thermodynamics, sailing / seafaring terms. Mathematical terms. Seafaring terms; Sailor's knot; Auxiliary rudder for the Albin Vega; Trip and travel reports; Bodensee-Schiffahrtsordnung (BSO) Wintering of boat engines and drives; Contact; Port; Clubhouse; Annual program Holger Lutz and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sailors have their own language. Translation in the context of "technical terms" in German-English from Reverso Context: The spelling program often marks specific terminology or abbreviations, technical terms or correct nouns in your documents as misspelled. The terms are arranged according to subject areas (basics, linear algebra, numerics). Family-internal terms: Last post 26 Jun 09, 14:54: Tomorrow everyone, in my family there were quite a few internal terms that changed over the course of the… 166 Replies: Logistics terms: Last post 22 Apr 04, 21:23: Hello! Technical dictionary English-> German. In nautical science, the English and German terms are sometimes a little special. From the pocket book of control engineering by Prof. Dr.-Ing. If you continue to use the website, you consent to the use of cookies. Many translated example sentences with "important technical terms" - English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. The official Collins english online. With inflection tables of different cases and tenses, pronunciation and relevant discussions. Free vocabulary trainer. Learn the translation for 'technical' in LEO's English ⇔ German Dictionary. If you prefer to read the pages completely in English, then simply click on German version. For many "landlubbers" the strange terms with ... conversation meaning, definition conversation: 1. Sailing, yachting, trip, training, sailing areas. You can find this link on every page under the logo. In this update I have created a better overview for the community, on which the latest XWords and also the most popular XWords of the week are shown. You can also check your solution after you have solved an XWord in the community. Thank you for your great feedback! The basics are elementary terms from school mathematics. See what people are saying and join the conversation. (a) talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings, and ideas are expressed…. Check out examples of nautical tradition translations in sentences, listen to pronunciation, and learn grammar. Similar terms. An addendum to terms of geometry is planned. Many translated example sentences with "medical terms" - English-German dictionary and search engine for millions of English translations. So here is a small translation guide: German English Drift (through electricity / wind) drift (current, wind) abfallen to bear away, to bear off, to fall off distance berth achteraus astern leech leech, leach aft aft aft spring line ... from Wikibooks < segeln.="" viele="" übersetzte="" beispielsätze="" mit="" "technische="" begriffe"="" –="" englisch-deutsch="" wörterbuch="" und="" suchmaschine="" für="" millionen="" von="" englisch-übersetzungen.="" lernen="" sie="" die="" englischen="" namen="" von="" verschiedenen="" formen="" und="" mathematischen="" begriffen,="" und="" wie="" sie="" brüche="" bezeichnen.="" überprüfen="" sie="" die="" übersetzungen="" von="" 'seemännische="" tradition'="" ins="" englisch.="" drucken="" e-mail="" details="" zugriffe:="" 5962="" wer="" kennt:="" a.b.--able="" bodied--soviel="" wie="" fähig-tauglich-der="" a.b.="" grundlagen="" lexikon="" begriffe="" kaeltetechnik="" englisch="" woerterbuch.="" viele="" unterschiedliche="" bezeichnungen="" für="" die="" grammatik="" gibt,="" haben="" wir="" in="" nachfolgender="" tabelle="" einige="" begriffe="" zusammengestellt.="" aus="" den="" staaten="" aus="" den="" südstaaten="" aus="" den="" usa="" aus="" denver="" aus="" der="" antike="" stammen="" aus="" der="" armut="" holen="" aus="" der="" art="" schlagen="" aus="" der="" bahn="" geworfen="" von="" ...="" bitte="" immer="" nur="" genau="" eine="" deutsch-englisch-übersetzung="" eintragen="" (formatierung="" siehe="" guidelines),="" möglichst="" mit="" einem="" guten="" beleg="" im="" kommentarfeld.="" viele="" übersetzte="" beispielsätze="" mit="" "chemische="" begriffe"="" –="" englisch-deutsch="" wörterbuch="" und="" suchmaschine="" für="" millionen="" von="" englisch-übersetzungen.="" regelungstechnische="" begriffe:="" deutsch–english.="" deutsch="" englisch="" uk="" deutsch-englisches="" glossar="" "begriffe="" aus="" wissenschaft="" und="" hochschule"="" german-english="" dictionary="" "higher="" education="" terminology"="" @="" daad="" (stand="" oktober="" 2019)="" anfangen="" commence,="" begin,="" start="" anfrage="" inquiry,="" query,="" request,="" invitation="" angeboren="" inherent,="" congenital="" angebot="" unter="" vorbehalt="" (studienplatz)="" conditional="" offer="" browsen="" sie="" english="" wörter,="" die="" mit="" w="" anfangen,="" und="" sehen="" sie="" definitionen.="" dictindustry="" ist="" das="" unterstützende="" tool="" bei="" der="" übersetzung="" ihrer="" technischen="" dokumentation="" wie="" produktdatenblätter,="" -kataloge="" oder="" prospekte="" vom="" englischen="" ins="" deutsche.="" wolfgang="" wendt,="" …="" bk="" organisation;="" bk="" crew-führung="" hoch="" zu="" inhaltsverzeichnis="" |="" vor="" zu="" knoten.="" see="" tweets="" about="" #begriffe_englisch="" on="" twitter.="" datenschutz="" &="" cookies:="" diese="" website="" verwendet="" cookies.="" gratis="" vokabeltrainer,="" verbtabellen,="" aussprachefunktion.="" mit="" flexionstabellen="" der="" verschiedenen="" fälle="" und="" zeiten="" aussprache="" und="" relevante="" diskussionen="" kostenloser="" vokabeltrainer="" der="" heimathafen="" ist="" greifswald="" wieck.="" da="" unser="" supportteam="" demnächst="" auch="" auf="" englisch="" arbeiten="" muß,="" suchen="" wir="" eine="" sammlu…="" 2="" replies:="" mathematische="" begriffe="" fehlende="" begriffe="" können="" leicht="" mit="" linguee.com="" nachgeschlagen="" werden.="" seemännische="" begriffe="" .="">
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