Which means just desserts

Dessert recipes: what's for dessert?

Is a delicious dessert the highlight of every menu? No wonder, because the best is guaranteed to end at the end. Whether delicious parfait, crème caramel, crêpe suzette, Creme brulee or Mousse au Chocolat - Flambéed or particularly beautifully presented desserts are always well received at the table. Popular side dishes are Berry and exotic fruits such as physalis and fruit sauces. These can also be combined with panna cotta. Mixed dessert plates with different desserts such as:

  • Mousse,
  • Ice,
  • Cake,
  • Crumble,
  • Muffins and
  • Compote.

Sweet and sour aromas harmonize perfectly with each other and stimulate the taste buds. You can be sure that your visit will love you for such a varied or spectacular array of delicacies.

Do you have vegans visiting? No problem! Let yourself be inspired by our vegan desserts. For winter enjoyment, especially around Christmas, it is best to serve our baked apple with marzipan and vanilla sauce. If you want something cool after the Christmas meal, your guests will be delighted with our refined speculoos parfait with berry compote.

Tip: Serve a maximum of three different desserts - an explosion of flavors can also backfire. Also, only serve small portions - dessert recipes are only there for a sweet finish.