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DPMAdirektWeb - signature-free online trademark registration

With this application you can register a trademark online with the German Patent and Trademark Office. You will be guided through the registration process in six steps.

You will be guided through the application in just a few steps. The required information is marked with an asterisk.

If you want to register several trademarks - possibly at a later point in time - you can save the data entered in the application on your PC at any time ("export") and insert them again in later trademark applications ("import"). This also applies to the goods and service terms selected in the application.

Depending on the form of the trademark, you can either type in the character that you want to register as a trademark using the keyboard or insert it into the application as a file. The file formats permitted for the individual forms of trademarks, as well as special requirements for size, resolution, standards, etc. can be found in the notification of the formats of trademark representations permitted by the DPMA (Section 6a MarkenV)

The brand presentation cannot be changed after the application has been sent.

For your trademark application, you must also specify the goods and / or services that are to be marked with the mark. Once the application has been sent, the list of goods and / or services can no longer be extended. All goods and services are divided into a total of 45 classes according to the "International Classification of Goods and Services for the Registration of Trademarks". The amount of the fee to be paid for registration depends on the number of classes claimed. A "shopping cart" is available in the application for the selection of goods and / or services.

Please note that a trademark can be excluded from registration due to absolute grounds for refusal (§ 8 MarkenG)). In particular, information that merely describes the claimed goods and / or services (e.g. "apples" for fruit) or that lacks any distinctive character for the claimed goods and / or services cannot be entered. In order to be distinctive, the brand must be able to serve as an indication of the origin of the claimed goods and / or services from you as the provider compared to those of other providers from the point of view of the addressed traffic. A sign may lack distinctiveness in particular if it directly describes the product marked with it or if it only consists of descriptive, common words or phrases that - due to corresponding use in advertising and everyday life - only as such and not at least as an indication of origin to be understood; Even mere content and topic information cannot be protected as a trademark.

The DPMA does not check whether older identical or similar trademarks have already been registered. Owners of older trademarks could, if necessary, object to them after their trademark has been registered and your trademark could subsequently be deleted again.

With the filing of this application, if the claimed goods and / or services do not fall into more than three classes, a fee of € 290 is due. For each additional class there is an additional € 100. Within the application, the fees are calculated and displayed depending on the applicable classes. After submitting the application, you will be shown a file number under which your application at the DPMA will be kept. Please transfer the fee using this reference number only.

Attention: The application fee must be received in full no later than three months after submitting the application, otherwise the application is deemed to be withdrawn (§ 6 PatKostG).

Your registration data will be published in the DPMAregister electronic property rights information system (Section 33 (3) of the Trademark Act).

You are using a Safari web browser. Depending on the configuration, the downloaded ZIP files will be extracted and, if necessary, deleted. However, you need the original ZIP for the export / import functionality in DPMAdirektWeb. Please configure your browser accordingly.