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Snapchat and Amazon cooperate via visual search in the app

If you take a picture of a product using the Snapchat app, you can buy it directly from Amazon if it is available. At least the user receives the product information from the mail order company. The cooperation between Amazon and Snapchat runs via visual search and links the areas of social media and e-commerce even more closely.

Visual Search: Amazon brings Snapchat on board

Google will soon make shoppable images possible, shopping has long since made its way into the stories of Instagram, and visual inspiration has played a major role in online purchasing decisions, not just since Pinterest.

Snapchat, which had problems with making its app attractive for advertisers and shops for a long time, is now working with Amazon. This is intended to significantly increase the relevance of the app for product searches. This feature gives Amazon even more access to its own platform; possibly mainly by young users.

In the blog post, Snapchat presents the test for the visual product search. According to this, the connection of the scanned products to their corresponding product page on Amazon, if available, can be established directly via the Snapchat camera. Using the feature called Visual Search is easy. All you have to do is aim the camera at a physical product or barcode, then press and hold the camera screen. If the product or the code is recognized, an Amazon product card appears on the screen. This contains an image with a link to the product or similar products on Amazon itself.

These links can then be opened in the Amazons app or via the website, so that the product you have just discovered can be purchased quickly.

With this innovation, the Snapchat app aims to establish itself not only as a fast and uncomplicated communicator, but also as an efficient shopping aid. What is clear is that the option gives Snapchat a whole new and viable economic component. However, Amazon is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of the test because the mail order business can compare its product catalog with the discovered products. The cooperation of the players seems to be promising for both sides. Users can use the test phase, which is getting off to a slow start, to collect information about objects of their desire online. But care should be taken to ensure that Amazon does not remain the only provider despite its supremacy; even if the product suggestions via Snapchat's visual search only come from there.