How web sites make money

Earn money with your own website

Everyone's dream - one-time use and then earn money without any additional effort. This is possible to a limited extent. For this purpose, advertising links are built in that refer to bookstores, T-shirt printers, web space sellers or travel agencies.

Of course, everyone should be aware that normally the website visitor will only click on links that are of interest to him. For example, a link to a travel agency makes sense on a page about Caribbean vacations. Does the advertising partner not have one Relation to the content of the page, it is unlikely that anyone will click on the advertising link, at most out of desperation because they cannot find anything useful on the homepage and want to get away quickly.

Affiliate Programs

There are partner programs to bring providers of products or advertising together with providers of Internet sites (i.e. with you). With the partner programs, you as the website operator have a large selection of companies where you earn money for advertising or recommendations placed on your website.

Advantages of the affiliate programs:

  • The partner programs offer you a wide variety of advertising partners.
  • The partner programs manage the administration of the income (also with different advertising partners).
  • Extensive statistics are provided
  • and most importantly, the affiliate programs pay for it earned money then collected out to you.

As a site operator, registration does not normally cost you anything - simply register directly with the following partner programs. In this way you can quickly see whether a suitable partner exists for you and your website (usually there are always interesting ones) and under certain circumstances you can earn money with your website in as little as 1 hour.

Register and test for free! The generated amount is only paid out above a certain amount (e.g. € 25), but it is well known that small cattle also make crap.

With other partner programs you should always make sure that the participation is free of charge for the participant (i.e. for yourself) and with foreign partner programs that the payment modalities are well regulated and that the cashing of the check does not cause more fees than the equivalent of the check .

The above partner programs offer extensive online statistics that you can call up at any time. This is how you can optimize your website / advertising.

Condition models - various actions to earn money from your visitors

Pay with a click

Money is earned when the advertising material (banner, text link) is clicked on.

Pay per lead

It is assumed here that the visitor is taking some action. So take part in a prize puzzle, get in touch or request information. In plain language: Addresses are collected here with pleasure; Whether you like that is up to you, especially the visitors, who voluntarily give their data (or not :-)

For example, if you sign up for Google Adsense using the following link, that is the lead.

The "Pay per SignUp" is similar, so if the order z. B. a newsletter.

Pay per sale

If the visit also sells something. The best example of this is Amazon. The income is calculated depending on the sales price - there is a percentage participation between 5 and 15 percent.

For example, if you order a mobile data plan from a mobile phone provider.

Examples of this can be found on the page under the book page buecher.htm or can be reached via a search field on Amazon

Create a win-win situation - suitable offers

Of course, it is best if a win-win situation arises for everyone - in other words, if it is also worthwhile for the advertised, because there are attractive bonuses and offers (and you need the product anyway).

Tips for making money with your own website

Creativity helps. You can also include the advertising links in the emails you send. Set up a text link in your E-mail program as a signature accordingly. One effort and automatically under every email. In addition, you have the effect that the addressed recipients usually know you and the recommendation is even more important.

Make sure you are your side not overloaded with advertisingas if the websites were only there to make money.

Keep your web pages calm. According to a study, blinking advertising banners have less effect (and therefore less money is earned) than targeted links. Choose the advertising material carefully - the providers usually provide different forms (both advertising banners and just text links).

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