When does the marching madness begin?

Watch out, it's getting hot now!

Saturday morning, 10 a.m. in Cologne. Whether late riser, office chair acrobat or coffee junkie, today we are all ready in rank and file and ready to go down in history with our heroic deeds.
Welcome to the Cologne-Lövenich volunteer fire brigade! Excited and still not having a clue of what to expect on our agency action day today, we put on our fire department uniforms. The proposal for our own wall calendar comes in a flash, but the challenges ahead bring us back to reality.

Check equipment, lower your visor and water on! It's amazing, with what pressure the water shoots out of the hose, together we tackle it. A great feeling!

The next challenge is waiting. Rescuing people from a theoretically burning cellar. In teams of 3 people we storm the house. In full gear, crouched and with additional equipment such as axes and fire hose, we comb through the gloomy basement for the missing person made of straw. Not an easy undertaking! After all challenges have been successfully mastered, we are happy for the shared experiences and the knowledge we have learned. Afterwards the own "fire" was extinguished with delicious food and the 4-0 defeat of 1. Effzeh Cologne was followed critically.

We would like to thank the heroes of the volunteer fire brigade

Lövenich, you are great!