How did sport not help you physically

Exercise and sport help against stress

Does regular exercise help against stress or is a weekend hike enough?

It is probably enough to have a glass of wine or tune in to a senseless television program. Stress relief works best through self-awareness: How do I create the opportunity for myself to relieve pressure? Working intensively with stress prevention measures is just as important. .

In no case should you overstrain yourself: This wave of fitness that wants to dictate to us, you have to and you have to do this, and best of all, I find completely exaggerated. Doing sport certainly has the great advantage that I address the physical and the emotional level at the same time.

But someone who is on their feet all day, a nurse or a geriatric nurse, for example, will no longer feel like doing sports in the evening. Somebody like that has to find a different balance for himself in the evening. It can be a meditation, a glass of wine or a prayer.

About Stefan Schneider:

Stefan Schneider researches the connections between sport, stress and spirituality at the Institute for Movement and Neuroscience at the German Sport University Cologne. For example, the scientist demonstrated that regular jogging triggers reactions in the brain that are comparable to those of praying. "Both cause specific neurophysiological changes that come very close to the principle of flow (form of happiness, complete immersion in one thing)."