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TikTok Q&A starts in video comment sections

TikTok offers developers a new way to keep their followers busy with starting "Q&A" in comments.

TikTok Q&A allows users to highlight their comments when they include a question for the creator.

When you leave a comment, users can set it as a question and answer by tapping the question mark in the lower right corner.

When you leave a question-and-answer comment, a label is added indicating that it contains a question for the creator. The creators can then identify the questions by looking for the wording while scanning the comments and then leaving an answer for all to see.

You can answer the questions with a text comment or a text video answer. If you reply with a video, the comment Q&R will be added as a sticker. The video response is linked to the original video.

There are two ways that creators can respond to a Q&A comment. You can either reply directly in their comment section as usual or leave a reply from their Q&A inbox.

The new Q&A inbox, which summarizes all submitted questions, can be accessed through the BIOS Profile BIOS. . Creators can quickly reply with questions and answers from the inbox by clicking the Answers button.

Users can view the question and answer page d 'a creator from the link in his bio to browse any questions he has already answered. New questions can also be submitted through the question and answer page. The Q&A comments can also be sent to the creators during live broadcasts. Creators can quickly view questions and answers in their feed discussions in a separate panel.

Video question and answer functions are now available to users with a creator account.

    If you do not currently have a creation account, you can switch to an account by going to Settings, "Manage Account" and selecting the "Switch to Creation Account" option. To enable questions and answers:
  • Go to your settings and privacy page
  • Choose Creator
  • Press
  • questions and answers
Select the "Enable Questions and Answers" button to enable the feature.

If you don't see an option to enable this feature, make sure you've updated it to the latest version of TikTok.

Source: TikTok Newsroom