What are some rarely seen tennis skills

Oliver Mintzlaff in a KLUB interview!

That means you are very careful about your diet, right?

Yes, even if of course not to the same extent as our professionals. I’m just hard to take when I’m sick. I try to avoid that through enough exercise and a healthy diet, which in turn helps ‘to be fit and productive in stressful situations.

And there are no sins?

Yes, Haribo! (laughs) I get weak with fruit gums, no matter what kind. I have to admit that I always finish a bag completely, whether it's 200, 300 or 400 grams, there is simply nothing left over.

How often do you come to exercise during the week?

My goal is to do something three to four times a week. Most of the time I go running, here in Leipzig preferably in the Rosental, a great route. Due to my active career as a runner, I run almost automatically, while I think about certain topics and often habe also have my cell phone with me to make a few phone calls.

And how can you hide the job?

In other sports. For example, some time ago I discovered tennis for myself, even though I am not playing because of my current back problems. I'm not particularly good at it, but when I play tennis I can switch off again - because I'm concentrating on it.

So do you already go out into the field with ambition?

Naturally! My tennis skills are limited, but it annoys me and is unlikely to spur me on if someone - who doesn't necessarily look fitter than me - irons me out 6-0.

You named the Rosental as your running route in Leipzig. How else is your impression of the city?

Leipzig seems unlikely to be personable. It is a city with a history that is extremely pulsating. I'm not a big fan of megacities, I like to visit such metropolises, but no longer. For me, Leipzig is a healthy measure and just the right size. The city is exciting, offers many possibilities and still exudes a certain calm. I think that's the charm.

Could you imagine settling here?

Due to my professional tasks, it is currently rather difficult to settle down anywhere at all, because I travel a lot. Leipzig is definitely worth living in, but my home remains Bonn, where my family and friends also live.

There is my usual environment - my private island, to which I retreat for two or three days every now and then to blow through.