Can Meghan Markle be a princess

Meghan Markle lives the shattered dream of a princess

Fans of the Netflix series "The Crown" don't have to worry about material for further seasons. The drama about Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, could almost lead one to believe that the real events in the British royal family were also created by Crown-Screenwriter Peter Morgan.

The pattern has been the same for decades: a young person falls under the spell of the Windsors, fulfills the dream of royal life - and is shattered by the power of convention, the coldness of the family, the harshness of the bureaucracy and the ruthlessness of the British press.

Shaped in Hollywood

The fact that Meghan believed she could become a royal and yet remain herself when she met Prince Harry five years ago shows self-confidence or naivety. At first it looked promising. The royal family seemed ready to add a divorced actress with an African American mother to their ranks.

Meghan, born in Los Angeles in 1981 and shaped by Hollywood, brought glitter and modernity into the dusty family, she was the perfect counterpart to the somewhat staid sister-in-law Duchess Katherine. The engagement in November 2017, the wedding in May 2018 at Windsor Castle, first public appearances as the representative of the Crown, the birth of their son Archie - it was like a fairy tale. What she wore, said or posted on social media also seemed to fit.

War on media

But the exotic princess soon became a wicked witch for many British people. The tabloid began to report quarrels with Katherine and blamed Meghan for the estrangement of the brothers Harry and William. The publication of a private letter to her father that had long made life difficult for her was the prelude to a litigation war with the media that wore her down. Harry's belief that the press was to blame for his mother Diana's death fueled the couple.

The tone got rougher until Harry and Meghan announced their emigration in January 2020, first to Canada, then to the USA. The Queen was "not amused" and demanded a complete break with the royal family - including the financial one. The megxit was perfect.

With the interview with the star presenter Oprah Winfrey on Sunday, Meghan follows the example of Diana, who once disclosed a lot of dirty laundry on the BBC. The "company", as Meghan calls the royal family, strikes back with nasty revelations. There is still material growing for a few seasons. (Eric Frey, March 6, 2021)