What is 1 half plus 3 quarters

Fractional numbers - spelling and pronunciation in German


Fractional numbers are numbers that consist of a numerator, denominator and fraction line. We find these numbers in German not only in mathematics, but also, for example, in recipes (½ liter of water).

Learn and practice the spelling and pronunciation of German fractions.


To form the fractions, we use the cardinal number in the numerator (for one falls that -s path). The actual fraction is in the denominator: It is formed from the root word of the ordinal number plus -el.

Declination of fractions

Just one in the counter or half in the denominator are declined. Otherwise the fractions remain unchanged.

I drink half a liter of coffee every day.
He ordered a quarter of a liter of wine.
She bought two half loaves.

The number one is declined like the indefinite article, the word half like an adjective.

a halfit Kilos of flour (neutral, nominative)
for aen halfen Day (masculine, accusative)
in ahe halfen hour (feminine, dative)
despite ait halfen Liters deviation (masculine, genitive)


Large and lower case

If there is a noun directly after the fraction, then we write both parts of the written number in lowercase.

two one-thirdliter milk

If this is not the case, the denominator of the fraction is treated as a noun and is capitalized.

I only have two one-third of what I wanted, made it.
I got a quarter of the questions wrong.

Separate and combined writing

Usually the fraction is written separately from the unit of measure.

a quarter liter of water
three eighths of a kilo of flour

However, if the fractional number and measure are seen as a unit, they are written together.

three quarters of an hour
the six-eight time
a quarter liter

Peculiarity of "half"

The noun too half reads half.

I have the half Eaten cake. → I ate half of the cake.

The adjective ending is omitted when spelling together.

a halfit Year → half a year

Stands in front a half a whole number, it becomes a word.

1½ → one and a half / one and a half
2 ½ → two and a half
3½ → three and a half
I've lived here for five and a half years.

Fractional numbers without a numerator

In certain cases we only use the fractional denominator. This is especially true of the words half, third, quarter and eighth.

The team is in eighthfinal. To that quarterTo reach the finals, the players have to be in the first HalfTime to put pressure on and increase the attackone-third act.