Which printer should be used for photo albums

How can photo printing contribute to your business?

With everyone carrying various electronic devices such as smartphones with high-resolution cameras these days, photography has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Meetings with friends or family members, school celebrations for the children, ... We always take pictures of the special moments in our lives. Why shouldn't we also immortalize these moments on paper? It's a great way to keep these moments forever, share them with loved ones or even decorate our home with them. With a photo printer in your shop, you can offer this service to your customers and thus gain more customers, boost your sales and generate more cross-sales.

The possibilities of commercial photo printing

Photography is currently experiencing its golden age. For this reason, it is a very good idea to offer products from this sector that can attract the attention of potential customers. If you have a business like a small shop, tobacco distributor, or stationery store, a photo printer is the perfect element to add value that can bring more customers to you.

People who want to print their photos quickly and cheaply will do business with you when they know you offer this service. That's not just another source of revenue. Because customers who come to your business to print their photos are also potential customers for your actual business. This enables you to offer your customers more products and increase your sales. All of this at a low initial cost and without taking up a lot of space in your shop.

Which printer is best for your business?

To find the right photo printer for your business, there are several factors to consider. The most important are:

Above all the size and the Quality of the printed photos. You have to take into account that the majority of customers print photos to give away or want different products such as photo albums or calendars, but there are also customers who print photos in large format as posters or similar. In addition, the photo should be as long-lasting as possible and not fade after a while. For these reasons, you should choose a professional device to serve as many customer needs as possible. The Quality of the photos is determined by the resolution of the photo printer you choose for your business.

In order to offer the most professional service possible, you also need to consider printing speed. Avoid unnecessary waiting times for your customers with a fast printer. Speed ​​is well received by customers in every business and that is reflected in customer satisfaction.

Another important factor are diverse Connectivity options with the device, as many customers want to print their photos directly from their camera or smartphone. Nowadays there are a multitude of devices that have WiFi or Bluetooth that can be used to wirelessly print photos.

It is also important which ink and which photo paper the printer selected for your business uses. Because that determines the price that you have to charge your customers and thus also the profitability of the printer.

The list of factors to consider before choosing a device cannot end without them user friendliness to mention. The photo printer you choose should not only be easy to use for customers, in the best case scenario, the replacement of consumables should also be easy for you without sacrificing efficiency or quality.

Photo printer models for shops

Have you decided to offer photo printing in your shop? If you want to decide on a photo printer for your business, we would like to introduce you to three different models from Mitsubishi Electric, which have been designed precisely for this.


This photo printing system enables a diverse product catalog to be accessed from a mobile device without having to download an app. The various additional products also include a compact ink sublimation system and a solution for printing passport photos. With this photo printing solution you can offer various creative photo products, such as calendars, bookmarks or photo albums.

Smart D70iD +

This device has been specially developed to produce passport photos for customers who either need to issue new documents or who need to renew them.

It is very user-friendly, has an integrated face recognition system and a graphical user interface that shows the multitude of additional functions. It is powered by consumables specially designed for this type of printing and prints photos on high quality paper.


This compact device enables single-sided and double-sided photo printing. This allows you to offer photo books, calendars and similar products printed on both sides without having to forego high quality.

Printing is also possible in different sizes. In addition, the device scores with high printing speed and the unique supply of different paper sizes.

CP-W5000DW is a very complete printing solution for your business, as is the PhotoPrintMe system, which is also included in CLICK and enables quick management of various printing elements.

Which of these devices will best match the products and / or services they offer? Regardless of which device you ultimately choose, you will have all the necessary quality guarantees for the perfect photo print.

Mitsubishi Electric Photo Printing Solutions is a leader in photo printing solutions and has been developing various professional products for instant photo printing for over 20 years.

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