Should I do Zumba every day

Fitness: What does the Zumba workout bring?

A tough workout or a lavish party? The new fitness trend Zumba is somewhere in between - and is supposed to be supposed to keep the pounds dropping off. "When you've finished with Zumba, you're soaking wet and in a good mood," says dance trainer Nabila Bergmann. In Berlin she teaches the good mood workout that celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez swear by. Allegedly, 1000 calories are supposed to melt in an hour. These are the best fat burner sports.

Just dance and burn calories

"That's really true," assures Bergmann. "One of my classmates has a calorie clock and checks it every time." A mixture of dance movements and fitness exercises should lead to quick weight loss success, as the trainer explains. Latin American music also plays. Unlike aerobics, there is a new choreography for each song. If you can't keep up, you can get back on again so quickly. Bergmann says it doesn't matter whether the steps are right. "Just keep dancing."

Whole body is in motion

Sounds too good to be true? Sports scientists are at least skeptical. "Cyclists hardly manage 1000 calories per hour in the Tour de France," says Professor Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University in Cologne. "Normal is certainly around 400 calories." But Zumba is always a fat burner. "We burn calories when the entire body is active," explains Froböse. That is the case with Zumba.
Trainer Bergmann explains: "By constantly moving for 60 minutes", a lot of fat is burned. However, Froböse points out: "Exercising only to reduce the burning of calories is fatal."

Invented by accident

In addition to burning fat, at least the marketing is in full swing. The fitness industry has also discovered the workout with the funny name for itself - there have long been clothes, handbags and DVDs for Zumba disciples. Fitness studios are only allowed to offer training with the appropriate license. Then the spectrum ranges from Zumba in the water, Zumba with weights to courses for children. And who invented it? A bumbling fitness trainer.
Because the Colombian Alberto "Beto" Perez had forgotten the music for his aerobics class, he had to improvise with his own CDs. A workout to salsa sounds was created.

Twelve million are said to do Zumba

According to the organizers, more than twelve million people of all fitness levels and age groups now take part in Zumba classes every week. The dance workout is now offered at around 110,000 locations in more than 125 countries. You let your hips circle, turn again and again from one corner of the room to the next and stretch your arms in the air - the exercises of the course participants in Berlin look almost like a scene from a Latin American music video. Small difference: a trainer stands in front and dictates the movements.

"My thighs are really firmer"

Is it working? "So yes, yes, pretty good," says Steffi Oeter. The 35-year-old came to Zumba with her daughter. "My thighs are really firmer." Participant Susanne Korb agrees: "You work up a sweat. That is already certain." In addition, the 47-year-old thinks the program is “very thrilling.” The mood is already good. “That is actually the most important thing, asserts her trainer - regardless of the calories.” It's about people having fun . "

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