Who sang the song Blueberry Hill in 1960

The casual rock'n'roller from New Orleans

Fats Domino, who wrote and sang evergreens like “Blueberry Hill”, died at the age of 89.

Among the wild men who made up the first guard of rock and roll, he was the least wild, casual to the point of coziness. And he was there before anyone else. As early as 1948 he had the hit "Fat Man", which gave him its name: Antoine Domino Jr. was then called Fats Domino. He played the piano in the boogie-woogie style, his songs were rhythm & blues of the relaxed kind, it was this combination that he brought to rock'n'roll, how to get off the explosive mixture that defines popular music to this day Commonly named in 1956. His "Blueberry Hill" was released that year, "Ain't That A Shame" he had already published in 1955, but it was first a hit in the version of his white colleague Pat Boone.

He mischievously repeated its title in 1960 in "Walking To New Orleans", in which he sang: "When I get back to New Orleans, I've got my suitcase in my hand, now ain't that a shame?"

Nights in the hammock

Yes, his hometown of New Orleans was important to him, the eighth child of a French Creole family, he stayed there all his life, the neighbors told each other that he used to sleep outside in a hammock on hot nights. The nonchalant way of fusing jazz, blues and boogie, African American and French flair was in the air in New Orleans; Racial segregation in music, in which he, the eighth child of a Franco-Creole family, grew up, was overcome more quickly than in society.

Especially in comparison to colleagues like Little Richard or Elvis Presley, Fats Domino appeared solid and well-behaved, there were no scandals around him. The most aggressive passage of his concerts traditionally came to the encore when he pushed the grand piano across the stage with violent cymbals to “When the Saints Go Marchin 'In”, but he also smiled mischievously. Paul McCartney, also at most a half-wild, valued Fats Domino very much, in 1967 he wrote the Beatles song "Lady Madonna" in its style, Fats was happy and played the song in the same year.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated his city in 2005, Fats Domino was briefly missing, he came back, but his yellow garden shed was destroyed. With the proceeds of his last album "Alive and Kicking" (2006) he supported poorer colleagues who, like him, had lost their belongings in the mud.

His live concerts became rare from the 1980s onwards. The last time he performed was in New Orleans in 2007. Now Fats Domino passed away peacefully there with his family.