Why is fish called brain food

Brain food - eat smart

Trail mix is ​​the daily brain food. (Photo by: © fredredhat / fotolia.com)

Especially nowadays, the professional demands at work and the family obligations, which are often neglected as a result, are increasing. Often people complain of migraines, stomach problems, depression and a lack of concentration, mostly triggered by Stress and overload.

Bad ventilation, increased tiredness or the 24 hour job with the family tug at every turn of the brain. And although the healthy, human body can withstand certain stresses, it should be supported wherever possible.

One way of supporting your body and thus your brain is what is known as brain food.

What is brain food?

Simply put, brain food means selected food for the brain - probably the most important organ - next to the heart - is responsible for around 20% of all metabolic processes in the organism.

Appropriate nutrition not only promotes brain activity, but also keeps the whole circulation going.

The silent worker

The brain is arguably the most amazing organ in the human body. Although we already know a lot about it, most of it is Brain activities still largely unexplored.

  • The Gehrin houses the consciousness and is the seat of the central nervous system in the head.
  • The complex neural networks of the healthy organ process sensory impressions and control motor skills.

Of course, for all of these activities requires a lot of energy, which is why food is the main component of regulated brain functionality.

Info: The brain consumes around a fifth of our daily energy requirements - in the form of glucose, the fuel for nerve cells.

Better ability to concentrate

Certain nutrients and vitamins can be found in healthy snacks. (Photo by: © Hetizia / fotolia.com)

Even in infancy, mothers play an important role in the development of their child's brain. Certain nutrients and vitamins in breast milk appeal to brain cells and help to create one healthy development. This is of the utmost importance, as the brain function is also crucial for the ability to concentrate and perform well.

With the right "Brain food“You can also wake up your gray matter. The earlier you start, the better.

General brain food

It is important that you look at the body regularly with energy supplied by food - a piece of glucose or chocolate only provides a short-term boost of energy and then you fall back into a "hole".

Therefore one should, if possible, so-called complex carbohydrates, With long-chain polysaccharides, ingestion - these provide the brain with glucose (its energy) for a long time.

Complex carbohydrate products:

  • Whole grain products (easily digestible, high quality proteins)
  • Soy products (easy to digest, high quality proteins)
  • legumes
  • lean meat (easily digestible, high quality proteins)
  • Dairy products
  • fatty sea fish (protein source with unsaturated, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Rapeseed, walnut or linseed oil (sources of protein and also contain many minerals)

Important: In addition, you should make sure that you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. The proportion of fish should be higher than that of normal meat.

Brain snacks for in between

  • Apples - The colorful perks not only contain a lot of vitamin C, but can even prevent Alzheimer's if consumed regularly.
  • Pears - The protein and the carbohydrates of the pear are valuable nutrients for our brain. The fruit also contains vitamins and a large amount of fiber.
  • fruit - Fruit in general contains many vitamins and strengthens the nervous system. Therefore you can reach for fruit more often during the day.
  • Spelled and oats - Trace elements and fat, combined with many minerals, lead to positive brain performance.
  • fishes - The valuable fish oils are enriched with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The high concentration of these fatty acids also reduces symptoms of inflammation in the brain and organs.
  • cereal - The popular breakfast is the perfect way to start the day. It provides our body with enough nutrients and energy. It is especially good for the brain when you add nuts. However, nuts are very fatty and are not suitable for a diet.
  • Chestnuts - Especially in winter you often pass a chestnut roaster. Chestnuts are nutrient bombs and not only activate the brain, but also provide enough energy for the day. The vitamins and nutrients it contains strengthen the bones and teeth, among other things.

Important: Always keep in mind that a balanced diet also includes enough water per day, at least 1½ liters.

To each his own ...

An apple should be nibbled once a day. (Photo by: © Sea Wave / fotolia.com)

What many do not know: There is also a fat depot in the brain and too much fat can slow down brain activity a little. So you should get your Eating habits on the adapt to your own needs:

  • People that all day sitting in the office, should avoid too much fat and prefer to use fruit in between to get the gray cells going.
  • Others that all day physical work a few pieces of fruit a day will hardly be enough. In this case you need energy in the form of Carbohydrates.

The advantage of “brain food” is that it is very varied and also appeals to other organs such as the heart, muscles and the liver.

Food for the brain

With the right diet, our gray cells can be brought up to speed easily and in a targeted manner. Targeted eating to increase mental and emotional skills works. And the fact that brain food does not have to taste "bland" is shown by the following recipes, which you can simply cook:

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