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How to make a magazine cover | Graphic design

Do you love great magazine covers and always wanted to design your own? In this post I will explain how you can easily do this in 5 steps. I wish you a lot of fun copying!

I'm definitely one of those people who buy a magazine just because of a certain guise. I really like it when a magazine has a nice cover that doesn't look like any other but is designed in a special way. When I'm in the magazine store or have seen impressive copies on the Internet, I always feel like getting creative myself and designing my own covers. That's why I've sat down for the last few days and implemented this plan. I would therefore like to explain to you how I proceeded and what could help you to achieve a satisfactory result!

How to make a magazine cover:

1. Inspiration:

If you want to design a good magazine cover, it all starts with inspiration. This means that you have a lot more ideas, you can modify and develop what you have seen. Check whether you still have old magazines lying around at home and orientate yourself on their presentation. Personally, I like magazines whose covers are not done in the typical style. By typical style, I mean a large photo, the title of the magazine at the top of the picture, and headlines to the right and left.

You can find individual titles in special graphic design magazines, or in my favorite magazines: Blonde, Fräulein and Interview. These magazines have their very own style, just do their thing and deviate from the usual, which is why they are great inspiration.

Another good source of ideas is Pinterest, but - but only if you use it properly. You can read what I mean by that in this blog post. I myself like to go to my graphic design and editorial board and get new ideas there. Often you just need a little 'push' to come up with new design options - because you can't suck everything out of your fingers.

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2. Uniform style

As I mentioned in my last blog post, it is important that you keep all of your pictures in a uniform style - this creates a 'unity' that looks like something and has a connection. Especially if you want to publish the covers or, for example, hang them all together in one room, that's all the more beautiful. Before you start the actual work, think about the style in which you want to design your magazine covers. Should they be colorful, flashy, eye-catching, playful or rather reduced and cleaner?

If you don't want to or can't commit to a style right away, just start and see in which direction the whole thing develops, what you like best and what suits you most. I like to do a little cleaner and more reserved covers myself, because I just like it better and I have better ideas. But that can be different for everyone - just stick to it once you've agreed on a style and don't do something new until the next project. You can design as many magazine covers as you want 😉

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3. Image as a basis

So if you are now full of ideas and have picked out a style, now is the time to start the real work! In a first step you have to think about how you want to structure your magazine cover - there are many different options for this:

Either you take a picture as a background and then arrange different fonts around it, or you choose a plain background as a base. Of course it is also possible to use a drawing or a graphic. You can either draw these by hand and then scan them in or create them on the computer. For the magazine covers in this post, I mainly used photos as the background. I like it very much and above all it is quite easy to get a great result in this way.

If you want to use this method, you have to find suitable pictures first! Pinterest is again a very good source for this. Just do a little browsing for photos that fit your set style. I went through my photography board for my magazine covers to find good material. Take a look around - maybe you will find what you are looking for.

Another way to get good pictures is to look for good photo series in old magazines and then scan the pictures so that you can continue working with them on the computer. Perhaps create a folder in which you collect all the pictures that you like - even if you do not intend to use them immediately. So you always have a small pool if you should not find anything else.

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4. Font

The right font is essential for magazine covers! Namely, it can change the look of a title extremely and make it complete very quickly. I mean that it also looks good if you just put different lettering around a picture. That sounds very simple and doesn't take long - but the result usually looks very good. Incidentally, I have already written in detail here about why the correct font is so important.

As I said with 2., it is also important here that you commit to a certain style. Choose 2 -3 fonts and use them continuously. In this way, a 'unity' is created here too, which allows all of your work to take effect.

Also varies with the different sizes and thicknesses of the letters. For example, I like small lettering pretty much because it's not that noticeable. But thick block letters also have their charm. You can just as easily write yourself on a graphic tablet - or if you don't have one, simply scan your lettering.

Also think about how you will arrange your lettering or where you want to place it. Is there a little deviating from the usual pattern and trying new things? Why not just put the writing in the lower left corner?

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5. Geometric shapes

Now you can still think about which additional objects you want to put on your magazine cover. I opted for geometric shapes - especially triangles and rectangles. I really like it when you create filigree patterns from them. That goes well with the clean style that I came up with at the beginning. For example, I drew the triangular pattern below this paragraph by hand, then scanned it in and continued working on the computer.

So, I hope I was able to help you and my tips have brought you something. Just try it out a bit and have fun with it. And don't give up if the first attempt fails!

Have you ever done a magazine cover? If so, what tips do you have?




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