What is a camera under the display

Xiaomi: In 2021 the smartphone will come with a sub-display camera

Xiaomi has introduced the third generation of sub-display camera technology, which is now so advanced that it will be used in mass production for smartphones from next year. This eliminates the notch currently often used for the front camera on smartphones.

Xiaomi had already given a preview of the integration of the front camera under the display last year, which is the second generation of the technology, as Xiaomi has now announced. In a video published on Twitter, Xiaomi President Shou Zi Chew shows a video in which the new technology for the invisible integration of the camera under the display is compared in direct comparison with a smartphone with the well-known camera recess.

We're proud to present the latest masterpiece from our Xiaomi engineers: 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology! True full-screen displays are just around the corner! We're planning on putting this into mass production next year. Stay tuned! # InnovationForEveryonepic.twitter.com / DrKeL8wZUg

- Shou Zi Chew (@ShouZiChew) August 28, 2020

Full pixel density also in the camera area

According to Xiaomi, the placement under the display should no longer have any disadvantages in terms of the image quality of the camera. With the new generation it was possible to no longer have to do without individual pixels in the camera area. Instead, a full RGB subpixel layout can be used in which the light hits the camera sensor through gaps between the reduced subpixels. In this way, the same pixel density can be achieved on the display area above the camera sensor as on the rest of the display, so that no qualitative difference should be detected, since brightness, saturation and color range are identical.

How high the maximum pixel density can be with this technology and whether it can keep up with current smartphone flagships so that enough light still hits the sensor is not known.

Cameras under the display as fingerprint sensors

Cameras are already being used under the displays of smartphones, but only for optical fingerprint sensors, unless an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is used, which Qualcomm had developed and which has been used at Samsung since the Galaxy S10, for example.

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