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Jonas Brothers in an interview about separation, comeback and new album

Millions of young pop fans were shocked in 2013 when the Jonas Brothers announced their breakup. Now the trio is celebrating its comeback with a new album. In the interview, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas explain how difficult it was to find each other again.

The Jonas Brothers are back - and they are picking up where they left off before the breakup: With their comeback single "Sucker", after six years of radio silence, they immediately conquered the hearts of fans and topped the charts (number one in the USA). Nick (26), Joe (29) and Kevin Jonas (31) became more mature, adult musicians during the band break, but also in the private lives of the three young men a lot has recently changed. With their fifth album "Happiness Begins", which is stylistically very broad with funk, pop and dance elements, they mark the new chapter in life. During the interview in Düsseldorf, Nick, Joe and Kevin talk about a strained relationship between brothers, their trip together and their weddings.

prisma: After six years the Jonas Brothers are playing together again. What's better now than before the breakup?

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Kevin Jonas: So much! But the main thing is that our brotherly relationship is in a healthy place this time. This automatically changes everything else for the better. We can enjoy spending time together on stage and writing together again.

prisma: You saw the fun recently at your Billboard Music Awards appearance!

Joe Jonas: That was a great way of telling our story as a band: starting with the music on Nick's solo album, to the music from my band DNCE to the Jonas Brothers of today.

prisma: Did the music you recorded outside of the band have any influence on the new Jonas Brothers record?

Nick Jonas: All of this is definitely part of our journey and definitely influences how we approach it musically and personally this time around. In this respect, it was right to turn off the path, to grow through the experience and thus bring new life to the Jonas Brothers.

prisma: You, Nick, were mainly responsible for the breakup of the band six years ago. Have you had a guilty conscience in the meantime?

Nick: At the very beginning it was difficult because we first had to find out how we as family members relate to each other. The working relationship had totally overshadowed that. It was a few months before we got closer again. But then the relationship quickly improved, almost suddenly.

prisma: So you weren't the Jonas bogeyman?

Nick: I couldn't feel bad about myself for something that I believed was the right thing to do. Sometimes in life you have to make tough decisions like this and come to terms with the consequences. Thankfully, however, our motto has always been: "Family first". I knew that at some point it would be okay and that we would be able to put it all behind us. And look where we are today!

"A quartet of the Jonas Brothers is out of the question!"

prism: Who was the one who said "let's try again"?

Joe: That was Nick! He tried to talk to us, individually as well as together. In the documentation that has just been published by Amazon ("Chasing Happiness", editor's note), you can understand this approach very well: It records the many conversations we had as a team, but especially as brothers . We really fought our way through there.

prisma: You should actually have been on a long journey for it. Where have you been and which stations have been the most intense?

Kevin: We were in Cuba, Australia, London, France, in different states in America - sometimes by coincidence, but also for the documentation. It definitely forced us to really spend time together.

Nick: It was great in Cuba! We smoked a lot of cigars, visited all the historical places and listened to the great music of the locals there. We met some amazing jazz musicians and talked to them about music and life. We took that into the studio when it came time to write songs for our record. We fell in love with the music again.

prisma: You worked with successful producer and One Republic singer Ryan Tedder ...

Nick: Not just with him. Greg Kursten was there too - he's one of our favorite producers and songwriters. And Max Martin. But we linked up with Ryan very early on to find a sound. The first song that came out of it was the single "Sucker". It brings Joe's sound from DNCE and the sound of my solo stuff together perfectly - the Jonas Brothers magic did the rest. And Ryan became, in a way, the fourth Jonas brother.

prisma: Speaking of which: Frankie Jonas actually has a fourth Jonas brother. At 18 years of age, he is now at an age at which he could also join you.

Kevin: He went his own way and works on music himself in a studio in Los Angeles. He just finished his engineering degree. We are excited to see what he will do with his life.

Nick: A quartet of the Jonas Brothers is definitely out of the question! Frankie is so happy. Not least because there are so many years between us, he was forced to find his own way. He did it and we are proud of him.

prisma: You are very open about your relationships with your wives. Is there more freedom now because you no longer have to play the role of the teen crush?

Kevin: Yeah. We no longer feel any pressure to be a different version of ourselves. And that's all the more fun. But it also says a lot about our fans. They grew up with us and in the meantime have been on their own journey. It's nice to see that there are still a lot of fans from back then - but also many who have just joined.

"A good way to move on to the next Jonas Brothers chapter"

prisma: There have been two weddings at the Jonas Brothers in the last few months: Nick, you married the Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra. Joe, you married Game Of Thrones British actress Sophie Turner following the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. Which celebration was bigger?

Nick: You can't compare that. My Indian wedding extended over several days. I was just thrilled to be able to experience such a great party with family and friends and of course with my partner by my side. It was a wonderful day. And also a good way to move on to the next chapter of the Jonas Brothers. As a unit and a team.

Joe: The main thing is that you have the right partner by your side!

prisma: You were brought up in the church and used to make a name for yourself by wearing chastity rings. Infidelity is probably not to be expected there.

Joe: We took off the rings a long time ago. Sure, we take the vow of marriage very seriously. Otherwise you don't even need to get married. It worked out fine for our parents too.

prisma: Did much of the love in your life end up on the new record?

Nick: The whole album is inspired by that! "Happiness Begins" gets to the point where we are right now in our lives. The documentary is called "Chasing Happiness" because it covers the journey we took to get there. We are really grateful that we have all of this on camera. Because these are probably the most important years of our lives - for a variety of reasons! Letting this feeling flow into the music then automatically creates something that is very close to you.

Kevin: And hopefully it inspires other people to wake up, go about their day with a smile, and have a little more bliss in their everyday lives. We live in a time when there is a lot of negativity all around us. If we bring a little fun into people's lives, then we've done our job.

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