Which phrase is face

Sayings: face

In the German language there are many idioms that have to do with the body or body parts.

Here you will find examples of idioms that have to do with the word "face" and also a situation in which this idiom can be used. Can you write down an example of the idioms yourself? Also paint a picture!
My grandpa always says: "When it comes down to it, people show their true colors."
Whenever I want to avoid doing my homework, my mother says to me: "Now start at last, you have to face the facts!"
When there is a stew for lunch on Sunday, my father always makes a long face.

When my mother drove our little brother for a walk in the stroller for the first time, all the people who saw him said: "But the little one is cut out of their face!"
The man felt his friend's insult as a slap in the face.
I had been considerate of my brother for a long time and didn't tell him anything, but when he kept annoying me, I finally threw the whole truth in his face.
"The sweater looks really good on you," said my friend when I wore my new sweater for the first time.


All visitors to the exhibition were very excited to see when they would finally see the famous painting.
A diver in the ocean must constantly face danger.
If people can predict certain events, one also says: "You have second sight".
The teacher warned Dominik to be careful several times, but he just laughed cheekily in her face.

My brother looked like three days of rain when he came home from his soccer tournament and lost his team again.
On our summer vacation in Spain, I actually met my sports teacher on the beach. He said to me: "It's funny to see a familiar face here."
Many people think they lose face when they admit a mistake. But most of the time you find recognition when you are honest and admit a mistake.


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