What you wish for birthday

It's my birthday soon, on September 4th to be precise. That's actually really cool .. I wouldn't be a quarter of a century old ... and because I'm getting so old, I usually don't have as specific wishes as I used to. When I was little, I had to draw up a wish list weeks before my birthday.

There were cuddly toys, cool shoes or unusual handicraft utensils on them. But nowadays I don't really know that exactly ... my wishes are always vague and I think it's best when I'm just surprised :) I just kind of know that I would like a new backpack and this one has me convinced right away. I also like the earrings from COS, but they could also be other nice studs .. or a nice ring ?! I feel the same way with all the other things. When asked: "What do you want for your birthday?" I don't have a clear answer and I think it's not just me. But what I do know .. in the next few months I would like to buy a small but nice shoulder bag. Marc Jacobs’s one comes very close to my ideas, but first of all some money has to be saved for it. Maybe it will be my belated birthday present for myself, right?

In english.

My birthday is coming up (25 years .. Oh No!). Anyways I get the feeling as older as I get as less wishes I have. When I was a little girl I had million of wishes and drew them on a piece of paper weeks before .. but nowadays I´m just not that sure. I like the things on my wish list, but they don´t have to be .. I guess I just want to get surprised.
Mascara - http://bit.ly/1Baa1MD
Backpack - Asos
Shopper - Asos
Bed linen - H&M
Earrings - COS
Sunglasses - Le Specs
Bag - Marc Jacobs
Anti Gravity Spray - Kevin Murphy

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