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1 edition: Edition 3 RECEIVING VALUE The information service for home owners and administrations Building management even closer to the customer! Editorial Daniel Kroemer Stephan Berger Marc Schmidt Closer to the customer The district office in Hamburg was successful in the first year and inspires further, property-related branches. Very close in neighborhood offices Quietly and secretly, we started our concept to improve customer proximity by founding customer-oriented neighborhood offices. The idea has proven itself so that we will plan and open more district offices shortly. rere objects are within walking distance or number once in the building service. You can leave your message to the district offices completely in the headquarters or directly in a new concept. The idea: small teams call the district offices. can organize themselves better on site than Proximity to the customer is well received, the one centrally controlled, large unit. Tenants appreciate the quick availability, which means faster teams for tenants. Reason enough to extend this response time even further for the task at hand! Another ben, for the caretakers it means the district office in Hamburg Mitte will be shorter distances and hardly any travel time, as it will open several times. the object in question is exactly opposite. The offices are networked with the head office, which ensures that everyone With the 600 properties that we are allowed to look after in Hamburg, Berlin and Kiel, we faced some organizational challenges a year ago. Proximity to the customer was our flag. The establishment of our district offices offers not only more proximity to the customer, but also the opportunity to be more flexible and efficient on site with small teams. Short distances, direct communication and fast response times are the focus of the new concept. We were able to combine the advantages of a large company with the flexibility of a small service provider. Information is readily available. The district caretakers can be reached via the well-known, central telephone. Our expansive growth in the past year also made it necessary to redistribute responsibilities, so Stephan Berger, who has been responsible for the caretaker business for many years, became the managing director of this area called. In addition, Mr. Berger is responsible for new business. Of course, with all the innovations, we still have enough capacity to do even more for you, just talk to us. Have fun reading, sincerely yours for the daily care and maintenance of your property. for renovations and the little problems in between. for the structural and technical overhaul of your property. Daniel Kroemer Stephan Berger Marc Schmidt

2 PRESERVATION OF VALUE Cleaning of floors and stairs: From the ground up with regular thorough cleaning Heavily used floor coverings, especially in heavily frequented stairwells and house entrances, require intensive care and cleaning. Because soiling can no longer be removed with normal effort, we recommend that you have basic cleaning carried out at regular intervals if you wish. Natural and artificial stone floors in particular have dirt, patina and residues of cleaning agents that have become deeply anchored in the open pores of the floor over time. These deposits cannot be removed with normal cleaning. For soft stones such as marble, lime 2 surfaces with wax-based self-shine emulsions. This forms a hard-wearing care film and protects the upper works with well-known mat suppliers and is happy to offer you the best protection. In this way, we actively contribute to significantly extending the service life of your floors and to maintaining an attractive entrance for your property in the long term. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in maintaining the value through basic cleaning. We will make you a free offer. surface effectively against renewed soiling. Linoleum surfaces have open pores and are very rough, in which dirt can easily settle. These coverings quickly become unsightly and look dirty, they turn gray. This can be remedied by applying a care film that smooths the surface. Depending on the use, linoleum should be thoroughly cleaned once a year or every 2 years at the latest. Dirt control mats The solution for more cleanliness! When using dirt control mats, the dirt remains outside if the dimensions are correct. Such a mat should be 3 steps long so that effective preventive measures can be taken. The use of large dirt control mats is the best prophylaxis to protect floors in entrance areas and stairwells and to keep them clean. sandstone, alabaster etc. we therefore apply a permanent dispersion coating to protect the floors from wear and tear and the formation of so-called walkways. Soiling is difficult to see on wooden floors and steps. Wood is soft and sensitive, steps will wear out after a few years. In the event of heavy use, these surfaces should be sanded down and resealed every 5 years. Normal basic cleaning with water is not advisable due to the swelling properties of wood, which is why we treat these. The mats look chic, are available in different designs and can be matched in color to the room design. Delivery and exchange service, depending on the frequency of use, optionally weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as well as billing via the flat-rate care fee, offer you additional advantages. Everything from a single source by Talk to us.

3 PRESERVATION OF VALUE The repair team: highly organized repairs, hand-in-hand with the caretaker Masterly: Today we are introducing you to our foremen who are also qualified for safety-related trades: Master electrician Bernd Baumann, master electrician Mr. Baumann is an electrician and specialist in domestic installations , Doorbell systems and lighting indoors and outdoors. With us since 2001, he has answers to all questions about electrical engineering. Master painter A strong team: Andreas Hanold, Alwin Schwarzenberg, Jens Bischoff In the past six months we have been able to strengthen our repair team again. We call the troops the all-rounders, as they carry out almost all repairs in the managed objects by each individual employee in the repair team is a skilled craftsman! The coordination of the teams is extremely efficient and takes place hand-in-hand with the caretakers, because any damage is usually determined by the caretaker and reported by us to the administration, often with a photo. This helps with the damage assessment and saves time and effort with an additional on-site assessment. The repair professionals can fix it within a very short time. Your advantages when using the all-rounder: no key handover, no on-site visits, no briefings, no further phone calls. You save time because we know our way around! By equipping the repair teams with the electronic Sky-Pads (we reported), all repair orders for the individual objects are saved. That is why we can provide quick and detailed information on all repairs carried out on the property. Anyone who knows the strengths of the repair service does not want to do without the flexibility of the teams any more. Contact us. Thiemo Blaahs, master painter As a specialist, he ensures that we carry out high-quality varnishing and painting work. As a certified energy consultant, Mr. Blaahs is also responsible for the development and implementation of thermal protection measures. Master for plumbing and heating technology On-call service now around the clock For all (emergency) cases, you and your tenants can now be reached 24 hours a day! Instead of a mailbox, our on-call staff are directly on the phone and can act immediately and, if necessary, get one of our emergency service technicians on the way. For us, this means a further step towards customer proximity and customer satisfaction. We can be reached under the familiar office telephone numbers, see page 6 of this issue. Jens Schade, master for sanitary and heating technology Mr. Schade is our master for sanitary and heating technology. From planning the new bathroom to installing and repairing heating systems, you are in the best of hands with him and his team.

4 PRESERVATION OF VALUE We take care of: 1-2-3, professionally done: Apartment renovations with a fixed price guarantee Everything from a single source Whether old buildings or when tenants change, the renovation of apartments is often on the plan in order to adapt the property to the current standard and up-to-date To be able to earn rents. The tedious search and commissioning of different trades does not have to be involved. Everything from a single source, we offer you the services you want: Complete renovation, professionally executed, by our own team of craftsmen at a fixed price. In the past year alone, our renovation team was able to complete over 50 apartments. Before starting, we will work with you to define the desired equipment standard for the apartment. To do this, as the client, you specify the category from which the materials and sanitary objects are to be installed. After all the details have been defined and discussed, an automatic process begins: we will prepare a complete offer for you, after placing the order you will hand over the keys to us and after approx. 4 weeks we will see you again for the acceptance date. Don't panic in just 4 weeks you won't recognize this bathroom again even if you are completely renovating, our experts will be finished in 4 weeks ... Making all arrangements with chimney sweeps, electricity and water suppliers Informing all tenants Cleaning the stairwell Bringing bouquets of flowers for very noisy neighbors. B. with your long-term kitchen builder. If you wish, the tenants can move. After approx. 1 month, we will hand over a completely renovated, cleaned and ready-to-move apartment to you! Your advantage: the fixed price guarantee, quick completion and minimal loss of rent! We are your only point of contact from planning to completion and are available for all questions - everything from a single source, at a fixed price. Save when signing a care contract. We are always looking for new ways to make things easier for all of us. When concluding a care contract, you pay your bills with the convenient direct debit procedure and save 2% of the invoice amount! 2% advantages for you: no more annoying transfers and cost savings by deducting the direct debit bonus! You can fill out the forms on the Internet at on the screen and print them out.

5 RETAINING VALUE The architect's tip: Tips from everyday building life It's hard to believe the tasks our employees are confronted with Windows, at dizzying heights, missing or far too small floor mats, lamps hanging in the middle of the room and much more. Wall surfaces in the stairwell are usually not painted in two parts. Instead of washable paint up to shoulder height, the walls are completely painted with emulsion paints. Every move leaves damage, hand and fingerprints here. Therefore, after each damage, the entire wall surface must be repainted or recoated in color. External gratings are not often provided for aesthetic reasons or are too small. Nice, but not practical this window element is difficult to clean from the outside Architects and planners design buildings and entrance areas to be attractive and modern, but often make maintenance and upkeep more difficult. A lot of things would be very simple. Here are a few tips that result from our daily work in a wide variety of objects: Window height large glass fronts are chic when they are clean. Often such windows are permanently glazed and cannot be opened for cleaning. In some cases, risers are used to clean windows from the outside in order to reach these heights. Stairs Stair treads should have a raised landing on the side. This would prevent cleaning water from dripping into the basement and soiling the stairs flanks with dripping water. Floor mats are also often too small. They should be 3 steps long in order not to let dirt get into the house unnecessarily. Often this space is available, but is not used. If you take these tips into account when planning your property, you can save a lot of money in a short time, because incorrect planning increases operating and maintenance costs considerably and unnecessarily. Allocations to the tenants could be limited to the bare minimum and thus bring about an optimal rent index. Skirting boards in white there are always dust deposits that are difficult to remove completely. Ceiling lamps that can only be reached with a ladder. Changing lamps by one employee alone is sometimes not permitted. We often find lamps in stair areas where it is very time-consuming to set up ladders. If this is also the case for you, you should think about relocating such lamps in the wall area when painting work is due. The grating and doormat do not offer enough space here to keep the stairwell clean. Imprint Publisher: Schützenstraße Hamburg Tel .: Fax: A riser is regularly required to clean this facade. A cost-driving undertaking. Edition: Ex. Concept, text, design: IWS GmbH Graumannsweg Hamburg Editing: Sibylle Hendeß, Marc Schmidt, Stephan Berger (1-2-3), Gunnar Janssen (IWS) 5

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