Can we eat eggs under homeopathic treatment?

Treat food intolerances homeopathically: eggs

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As always in classical homeopathy, we look at the whole person and administer the remedies according to the individual symptoms. Only in this way do they have a chance to develop their healing properties. I am going to introduce you to two remedies for food intolerance and you will be amazed at how big the differences are in suffering.

Treat food intolerance to eggs with Ferrum metallicum

They cannot tolerate eggs. How does the intolerance manifest itself in you? Do you vomit immediately after eating? Do you often burp after you've eaten? Do you often feel plagued by a feeling of fullness? You may be more pale in the face and prone to blushing. Your partner would describe you as irritable.

You can hardly tolerate noises.
Often you will notice a craving for sour things, but sometimes you will also suffer from a complete loss of appetite.
You like to walk slowly, but if you try too hard your general condition will deteriorate, especially if you have to sweat.
If you are that type of guy, your homeopath might consider Ferrum metallicum for your treatment.

Colchicum also does not tolerate eggs

Colchicum is also suitable for treating food intolerance to eggs. This type is significantly different from Ferrum. He often has a dry mouth and is therefore constantly thirsty. His stomach is swollen from gas and he suffers from colicky pain in his colon.
The mere sight and smell of food make him sick. Unfortunately, even with food that he was just looking forward to.
He vomits mucus, bile and food.

Conclusion on the homeopathic treatment of food intolerance

Those who cannot tolerate eggs are advised to try homeopathy. Two medicines were presented here as examples. So that you get an impression of how individually and precisely your complaints are dealt with.

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