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Öko-Test examines care for sensitive baby skin: Two well-known brands fail

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From: Laura Knops

Care creams for babies in the test - the test winners and bottom lights at a glance (symbol image). © imago images / agefotostock

Öko-Test tested 22 skin care products for babies. Most brands are recommended - but two creams fail with the grade “poor” because of critical ingredients.

Frankfurt / Main - Children's skin is very sensitive, especially Babies therefore need a special maintenance. No matter whether after a bath or in the cold in winter, the childlike skin can dry out quickly. However, how much care it needs is a matter of dispute. While earlier from Lotion was advised against, there is widespread opinion today that a nourishing cream makes sense. For a few years now, experts have been advising that Skin of babiesapply cream about twice a week. A moisturizing lotion strengthens the skin especially after bathing.

But which cream cares for it Children's skin gently and comes without critical ingredients out? Öko-Test has now 22 baby care creams tested. Most of the products were able to convince the experts - only two well-known brands failed the test. They were examined Baby creams especially on questionable ingredients. The experts rated carcinogenic compounds such as Paraffins and Antioxidants as well as environmentally harmful synthetic Polymers.

Baby creams in the eco-test: carcinogenic ingredients in body lotion

The focus of the investigation was on the so-called aromatic Mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH). These are dangerous to the body because some of the substances are considered to be carcinogenic. In two baby creams the product testers were able to detect paraffins. The fats on Petroleum base are often contaminated with MOAH. Paraffins can also use the barrier of the skin damage. Because unlike a natural oil, they do not adapt so well to the balance on the skin. Paraffins and silicones can be recognized by their names and endings such as:

  • Paraffinum
  • Petrolatum
  • Dimethicone
  • -siloxanes

In the products "Nivea Baby Soft Care Cream" of Beiersdorf and "Penaten skin care cream" of Penates Öko-Test was able to detect aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOAH). The Penaten skin care cream also contains butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). This ingredient is used in care products for preservation. However, he can form connections that carcinogenic should work. Also, BHT can build up in human adipose tissue and so on Allergies trigger. Like the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson announced that he has now taken the ingredient out of the recipe, according to his own statements.

Baby creams in the eco-test: environmentally harmful ingredients in cosmetics

The product testers from Eco test prove. So contain the cream "Nivea Baby Soft Care Cream" from Beiersdorf and "Beauty Baby Face and Body Cream Sensitive" by Müller drugstore synthetic polymers. These plastics are considered to be environmentally harmfulbecause they are difficult to break down.

Baby creams in check: These are the test winners at Öko-Test

A total of 19 of the 22 baby creams cut in the test with the grade "very good" from. Parents therefore have a wide range of safe creams to choose from. Among the products that are loud Eco test without critical ingredients How silicones, paraffins and synthetic polymers get along include:

  • Alterra baby cream" of Rossmann
  • Alverde Baby Care Cream" of Dm
  • Alviana Baby Care Cream" of Bonano
  • Flowering baby care cream" of Euco (Edeka / Netto)
  • Lavera Baby & Children Sensitive Care Cream" of Laverana
  • Mamia Baby Care Cream Sensitive" of Aldi south
  • Weleda Baby Calendula Care Cream" of Weleda
  • Babydream care cream" of Rossmann
  • Babylove Care Cream Sensitive" of Dm
  • Bevola Baby Soft Cream" of Kaufland
  • Bübchen care cream sensitive" of Boy
  • Hipp Baby Soft Care Cream Sensitive" of Hipp

The Product tester of Eco test also found that expensive is not necessarily better. There were good ones in every price segment Products represented. The Price range was enormous: So the cheapest cost cream 60 cents per 75 milliliters, the most expensive was 18 euros for the same amount.

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