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Translation of "my noodles" in spanish

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As a reward, you can my pasta keep eating!
Leaves my pasta in peace.
I'm drowning my pasta always in it.
These are my tuna and my pasta. TESSA:
My chicken, my potatoes, my pasta, my meatballs, ham, my yogurt.
Mi pollo, mis patatas, mi pasta, mis albóndigas, el jamón, mis yogures.
The world can too my pasta be with butter?
I'm trying to find out how long it takes with a 500kW oxygen-iodine laser ... my pasta to warm up.
Estoy intentando ver cuánto tardan 500kW de iodos de oxígeno láser ... ... en calentar mi plato de fideos.
I'm trying to find out how long it takes with a 500kW oxygen-iodine laser ... my pasta to warm up.
This is done from the current state of the art to a load of 500 kilowatts calentar mi sopa de vaso.

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So Jules, the funny thing is my hand ... always on my noodle lies.
Lo curioso de mi espalda, Jules es que está en mi pito.
Have my noodle pulled out of the pants!
Plus, the girls can then ... the outline my noodle see better.
Así las chicas pueden ver un poco el contorno de mi pito.
I feel good about you, not in that creepy way like "my noodle feels weird. "
Me has sentir bien ... no de un modo aterrador tipo "noto algo raro en mi salchicha".
My Sharpen Pasta with eight treasures.
With your Italian pizza and mean chinese Pasta, we could play Marco Polo.
Con tu pizza italiana y mis fideos chinos, podríamos jugar Marco Polo.
Must I my own Pasta do!
To this Pasta is missing my Son.
They have my Szechuan Dan Dan Pasta to forget.
He asked me to give him something mine homemade chickens noodle Bring soup.
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