Why can I learn English well

How good are your English skills?

How do you know if your English is good, mediocre or even bilingual? Nowadays almost everyone in the world speaks English ... But how do you speak it well? The test that we offer is free of charge and you only need a little time ... Are you ready? Go!

English has had the status of an international language for a number of years. This means that nowadays all people around the world - no matter where they are - seem to be able to converse with non-speakers using the English language.

Speak English more or less well, that is the question. Today English is used all over the world, spoken on all continents, in all nations, in all possible and unimaginable areas ... Where does this language come from? What is left of the original English? Shakespeare would be surprised today how differently people speak English compared to his times!

However, many people find it difficult to judge how good their English skills actually are. Certainly some understand spoken English well, but cannot write it, others know the grammatical rules in detail, but find it difficult to speak a sentence ... It is difficult for everyone to assess their own language level. You may have made unnoticed progress or you may have managed to achieve your goals.

Our Sprachcaffe Journal offers you today the opportunity to take an online language test, which can give you an idea of ​​your language skills. Please note that this is a written test that does not provide any information about your oral skills.

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