Why are spiders so big in Minecraft

Lena Florian

About blocks, sheep and math

16 pixels long, wide and high - one block in Minecraft (Fig. 1). Whether earth, granite, wood or brick - everything can be contained in these 16x16x16 blocks. Minecraft delights generations of gamers in its simplicity. Due to the limited graphics requirements, it can be played on almost any device: console, PC, tablet and smartphone. If you have not yet immersed yourself in the world of Minecraft blocks, you can find out more in Box 1. Youtube tutorials also offer help, such as "E01 How to Survive your First Night", https://youtu.be/B36Ehzf2cxE.
Minecraft is an "open world" computer game. The aim is to survive the nights unscathed in a world initially determined by nature. So you build a dwelling as quickly as possible, because unpleasant beings such as spiders, zombies or "creepers" appear randomly (spawn) at night and want to attack the players. While you often have to be content with a hole in the ground at the beginning, you can later create almost any home such as a castle, a simple wooden house or a large palace with self-made tools.
In addition to this “survival mode”, Minecraft also offers a “creative world” without monsters, in which you can build as you wish with infinite resources. Here you can choose a flat or designed world with or without day / night change and weather. Even in this world you will still come across one or the other sheep, because you cannot exclude animals. In the creative mode, players can build and design together: everything is possible, from a replica Enterprise to Hogwarts Castle to a completely replica of Middle-earth.
Minecraft gives gamers a lot of freedom and appeals to a wide variety of characters. These free spaces enable an open and creative approach to a world which, with its simple block structure, is suitable for all age groups. This post is a suggestion for mathematics lessons in upper secondary school, but Minecraft can also be used in other grades.
But what makes a Minecraft learning arrangement a good learning opportunity? Which skills are promoted? And what should be avoided?
Even if this is about the use of Minecraft in mathematics lessons, I would like to briefly point out that Minecraft also offers opportunities to develop skills in the field of computer-algorithmic basic education. If you are looking for suggestions, you can find them at http://www.code.org/minecraft.
Acquisition of the concept of levels in analytical geometry
Learning objectives in connection with levels in analytical geometry are in particular the analytical description of levels in space using algebraic representations. The basis for this are ideas about what constitutes a real plane in 3-dimensional Euclidean space:
  • She is flat
  • it is infinitely extended,
  • and it can be understood as a set of points in 3-dimensional space.
The new thing about analytical geometry is that you can describe geometric objects algebraically with the help of equations: in parameter form, in coordinate form and in Hessian normal form.
In most textbooks, the parametric form is introduced first, because it is linked to the analytical understanding of linear equations. Just as a straight line arises in the imagination by extending a line on both sides, the "enlargement" of a rectangle, triangle or other limited area results in a plane. This idea is helpful when it comes to the first two properties of a plane - it is flat and infinitely large. In addition, it can be ...