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MISOTHEIST don't like to reveal anything about themselves, except that they are Norwegians. The band name means nothing less than God hater, strong stuff and of course: Black Metal. And of the evil and uncompromising kind, old school lofi, but trve as fvck.

And unfortunately the rabbit is in the pepper, because the rather muddy, not even thin sound of the band takes a lot of its impact and countless details that appear in the three at least ten minutes simply get stuck in the morass.

Yes, good sound is not Black Metal, but there could be a lot more viciousness and aggression conveyed here, which are undoubtedly inherent in the music of the Norwegians. In addition to blastbeat frenzy, they have a lot to offer, unexpected melodies for example, sometimes folky, sometimes dissonant, sometimes sluggish.

The range that MISOTHEIST covers is quite large, but the songs are similar and coherent, but somewhat repetitive in terms of length, which is also due to the unclear, nasty vocals.

It's a shame, actually more would have been possible here.


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