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The number of offers for statutory health insurance is large and not very clear. One tariff covers all vaccinations, another pays the professional teeth cleaning, the next one pays back contributions annually. Statutory health insurance offers many advantages, but reading each offer in full requires a lot of time and a good overview. In the Handelsblatt Kassenvergleich for statutory health insurances, simply enter your individual requirements for your insurer and display the insurances that meet them. Efficiently choose the right one from 99 statutory health insurances.

The selection takes place in several stages: First enter the federal state in which you live - or that the desired cash register should be open nationwide. Then tick which services are important to you. At the end you will see which funds meet your requirements and, if you wish, you can also apply for membership there.

Benefits must be provided for all insured persons and not just for certain groups of people. Regional restrictions, on the other hand, are permitted.
This does not take into account relevant premiums from bonus programs, as these can only be used after the insured has paid in advance.

On January 1, 2015, the statutory contribution rate for statutory health insurance was reduced from 15.5 to 14.6%. If a health insurance company does not get along with this, it may levy a so-called "additional contribution for individual health insurance companies", which - unlike in the past - is now also calculated as a percentage of the member's income.

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Here you can find all statutory health insurance companies in Germany. With a click on the cash register name you get detailed information about the cash register and can open a performance overview as a PDF.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that due to the abundance of possible health insurance services and offers, we cannot list them in full. We have therefore put together for you the services that we consider to be the most important.

Important NOTE:
The entire list is subject to copyright protection by Kassensuche GmbH, Frankfurt am Main. The non-private use as well as the publication of this website are subject to approval! The information on the range of services is based on written statements from the respective health insurance company. The complete data set is requested from the health insurers every 6 months. Late registrations in the meantime and changes to the cash registers are continuously entered into the database.

Important note: All calculations, overviews and information are made carefully and objectively. Despite all care, individual errors or inaccuracies can never be ruled out. We can therefore not accept any liability. If in doubt, please contact the respective health insurance company directly before making a decision.