How much sex do you have

A study from the dating platform ElitePartner has dealt with how often sex is normal for Germans and how satisfied people are with their sex life. 10,000 internet users were surveyed and the results are sobering. 57% percent of respondents are not satisfied with their sex life. This is not only due to the frequency, but also to the quality of the sex.

How often do we have sex?

Germans don't have particularly crazy sex lives. The study is therefore not particularly insightful in this regard. We'll show you the most important results.

1. Women are happier than men

It is a little surprising that women generally tend to be more concerned with their own Would rate sex life as more satisfied than men. We stand 6 percentage points above our bed partners.

2. The wedding is between 20 and 30

Germans have sex the most in the 20s and satisfaction with their own sex life is higher than ever before and never again afterwards.

During this time we have sex about 112 times a year. That's 2.15 times a week. When the 30s start the frequency of sex decreases rapidly. Between 30 and 39, we only have sex 1.69 times a week.

3. Little single sex

Singles have much less sex than couples. German couples have lunches a good once a week. With singles, the sad truth is this: only a third of single women and men have sex more than once a month. With someone other than yourself, of course. Single men are much more active than single women. You have sex three times as often a week.

But being single can also be really fun. Our editor Jana explains why she enjoys her single life.

4. Berlin is a sex grouch

Berlin, the Sodom and Gomorrah of Germany, is more uptight than almost any other German city. But how often do Berliners really have sex? Only one in ten has sex several times a week in the capital. In Lower Saxony, the sexiest German state, it is one in five.

5. From 50 on it is cleared again

How often you have sex changes again after 50. The menopause seems to be some Having an effect on sex drive. A good 4/5 of all women say they have sex several times a week after they are 50. 1/5 can well imagine never having sex again.

6. Marriage is death for the sex drive

In fact, as the years of marriage increase, sex becomes less and less. Divorce rates are highest in their late 40s. Well 47% of all marriages end in divorce at this age.

Most marriages do well in the first few years of marriage 5-8 rendezvous a week. But over time, a week turns into a month. Still: Still more than most singles.

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