All smartwatches are embedded systems

Embedded Systems Engineering

Are you interested in both technology and IT? Do you want to design and build as well as program? Can you imagine working on the development of new types of smartphones, intelligent implants, autonomous vehicles or technologies for "smart homes"? Then Embedded Systems Engineering is exactly the right thing for you.

Systems that feel, think, act

Embedded systems are so inconspicuous and natural in everyday life that we are no longer aware of them in our environment. These systems meet the

  • "feel" with sensors,
  • through intelligent programming "think" and
  • "act" through signals and actuators

the most varied of tasks. In the automotive industry, keywords such as airbags or spacers come to mind. Whether in medical technology with innovative prostheses, in telecommunications and entertainment technology with smart watches or in aerospace - embedded systems play a central role in the latest technological developments.

The Combination of engineering and IT

During your studies with us, you will learn the skills you need to understand both the "language" of computer science and engineering and to develop and build highly specialized systems.

Your advantages as an embedded systems student:

  • excellent supervisory ratio with approx. 320 students to 25 professors
  • interdisciplinary course with a balanced mix of theory and practice
  • Lecture recordings: Regardless of time and place, you can, for example, repeat material before an exam
  • innovative teaching methods and modern equipment

After graduating from high school - our bachelor's degree programs

Let's go on - our master’s courses

Doing research yourself - doctorate and habilitation