Why is Mohammad Ali Road so famous

Muhammad Ali: Diet & Training of the Boxing Legend

So he became "The Greatest"

He was an absolute cult figure during his career - today he is considered to be Boxing legend: Muhammad Ali. With which distinctive boxing style he knocked out all opponents suggested what a bike has to do with his love of boxing and what the secret of success is behind his effective training, you can find out here!

Muhammad Ali: Who Was the Legendary Boxer?

Here are a few Key facts about Muhammad Alithat you should definitely know:

  • Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. His maiden name: Cassius Marcellus Clay, named after an anti-slavery politician (Ali's great-grandfather was still a black slave among whites). The boy grows up with his parents in poor conditions.
  • His boxing training begins Ali at 12 years old. Four years later, he leaves school with bad grades to focus on his boxing career.
  • Wins in a few years Muhammad Ali all amateur titles, out of a total of 108 amateur fights he loses just eight. The peak of his initially hobby boxing career: Olympic gold in light heavyweight 1960 at the age of only 18 in Rome. In the same year he starts his Professional career as a boxer.
  • Muhammad Ali will become a living legend in the next 7 years: to this day he is the only one who has won the title three times "Undisputed world boxing champion" could and will win - next to it almost ridiculous - multiple world champion in boxing (1964, 1966, 1974 and 1978). Muhammad Ali is definitely one of the most important heavyweight boxers and outstanding athletes of the 20th century.
  • Among his most blatant fights are in particular the "Rumble in the Jungle" on October 30, 1974 in the Congo against George Foreman in front of 100,000 spectators (Foreman is a clear favorite and almost unbeatable, but Muhammad Ali surprisingly manages to knock out in the 8th round. again to get the title of "undisputed boxing world champion"), the "Fight of the Century" against Joe Frazier on March 8, 1971 in New York (one of the most brutal fights in boxing history, in which Frazier wins and which marks the beginning of a longstanding rivalry) and the "Thrilla in Manila" on October 01, 1975 in the Philippines (the third and final fight against Joe Frazier, in which Muhammad Ali wins despite extreme intensity, a non-air-conditioned hall, unbearable humidity and extreme fluid loss).

    In particular, the "Rumble in the Jungle" is still considered by many to this day greatest boxing match of all time.

  • Muhammad Alis Success rate in numbers: of the total 61 professional fights if he loses just 5 - between 1960 and 1963 he even wins all 20 contested fights!
  • Has been pulling since the 70s Muhammad Ali as a hero in the children's rooms of the world: Mattel brings a doll of his on the market with which the kids re-enact their fights, and a special edition of the Superman comic appears: "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali". In addition, the boxer will be the advertising face of the drinking package manufacturer Capri-Sonne.
  • In addition to his fighting successes, there are also other nominations and honors: in 1996 he was allowed to do so Olympic fire ignite, in 2003 he wins the Bambi, In 2005, George W. Bush awarded him the Freedom medal (highest civilian honor in the USA), in 2005 he received the Otto Hahn Peace Medal in gold and 2007 the Honorary doctorate from Princeton University.
  • Announced his official resignation Muhammad Ali on September 15, 1978 at the age of 36 after the narrowly won World Cup victory. His pronunciation is already indistinct due to his Parkinson's disease - not yet diagnosed at the time. Despite warnings from his doctors, he gives in in October 1980 comeback against Larry Holmes, which he lost after the fight was stopped, and one against Trevor Berbick in the Bahamas in 1981. Loses this 61st and last professional fight Muhammad Ali clearly.
  • 2001 will Muhammad Alis Life story filmed under the title "Ali". In the lead role: Will Smith, who is nominated for an Oscar for this. The soundtrack "World’s Greatest" by R. Kelly becomes a worldwide hit.
  • 2001 will Muhammad Ali Part of the “Impossible is nothing” advertising campaign by Adidas.
  • Muhammad Ali's boxing style goes down in history: instead of putting his hands up to cover, he often lets them hang next to his hips and provokes his opponents with his extremely fast footwork as well as his movable hip. Nevertheless, he hardly gets hit on the head, as he can avoid almost any blow. His dance leg combination gets its own name: "Ali Shuffle". In his later career it will Muhammad Ali known for occasionally deliberately getting hit in the well-trained side without any effect on him - a valuable weapon for demoralization his opponent. Describes his unconventional boxing style Ali even like this:

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

    ("Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee!")

  • 1984 received Muhammad Ali the official diagnosis Parkinson's. This is often associated with boxing, but this can never be proven.
  • 2016 dies Muhammad Ali At the age of 74 he suffered from septic shock in the hospital as a result of his weakened immune system. His pallbearers include, among others Will Smith and the former world heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.
    At the time of his death lies Ali's estimated net worth at $ 50 million (approx. 44 million euros).

“The Greatest”: This training made Muhammad Ali a champion

As mentioned earlier begins Muhammad Ali 1954 boxing at the age of 12. Reason: his brand new bike, a gift from his parents, is stolen. When he was responsible Police officer Joe Martin angrily announces that he is going to box the thief, the thief asks him if he even knows how to box - since then he has been training Muhammad Ali in Martin's boxing cellar. After just 6 weeks he has his first fight, which he wins immediately.
He later cites another reason for the decision to box, the murder of the colored youth Emdet Till by white racists, who are acquitted.
Fun fact: The boy is training his endurance at this point by racing against the school bus.

In contrast to today's classic workout, trained for boxers Muhammad Ali hardly at all with weightsas he is afraid too much muscle mass make him slow.
A typical day of training at Muhammad Ali starts in the morning at 5.30 a.m. stretching and a subsequent 9-kilometer run on an empty stomach in under 40 minutes. After breakfast, Ali goes for three hours to the gym, he trains at the 5th Street Gym in Miami, which is owned by his Boxing trainer Angelo Dundee and whose brother is led.

Here he starts with a 15-minute warm-up, followed by Shadow boxing, training on the sandbag for punch combinations and its endurance as well as an extremely intense one Sparring.
As a "break" he then takes a 15-minuteAbdominal training through: bicycle brunches, sit-ups with medicine ball and leg raises alternating.
With new strength it’s then to the Speedball, to the Muhammad Ali pull everything out again, then he does a kind of Interval training of 20 minutes (alternating knee lifts and running without breaks) and ends his session with one unit Shadow boxing and jumping rope.
Quite extreme, especially since he goes through this routine 6 out of 7 days and is just doing it a day of rest indulges in the week.

In the afternoons, however, he often rewards himself with one after this vigorous training session Massage, to be regenerated the next day.

By the way: Partially have Muhammad Ali and his trainer Angelo Dundee also incorporated unconventional but very effective training methods, for example that Training in the pool, where Ali had to box against the resistance of the water.

The diet behind Ali's success

Granted: To Muhammad Alis At times, nutrition played a much less important role among professional athletes than it does today. Mainly important at the time: flesh - a lot of it. At Muhammad Ali Mainly chicken or steak end up on the plate.
In contrast to many of his boxer colleagues, he respects Muhammad Ali conscious of what ends up in his stomach. Above all, it is important to him as natural a way of life as possiblel use a trend that many of you know today as clean eating.
Particularly popular with him: Potatoes, green beans, vegetables and fruits, juice and (a lot!) Water. And an absolute must: have breakfast! After his morning run, a good portion lands on his plate, and he swears Muhammad Ali a large glass of orange juice to start the day.
Also important: a balanced dinnerwhich he never overeats, but until he is pleasantly full, in order to take a leisurely evening stroll afterwards.

By the way: Keeps up with his training and his diet Muhammad Ali its weight - with a few exceptions - at 102-107 kilos at a Height of 191 cm. Fun fact: Its span is 198 cm!

Unforgotten: the lifestyle of Muhammad Ali

Let's get to the Lifestyle by Muhammad Ali - and that doesn't correspond at all to what you might expect! Because Muhammad Ali has definitely not made a name for itself because of love affairs, crazy styles or typical star airs. Okay, he too has a weakness for women, because he's married four times and has a total of nine children, two of them from extramarital stories. His daughter Laila is also a professional boxer, by the way ...
But actually is Muhammad Ali is known for his values ​​and attitudes, because he is considered a public opponent of the Vietnam War and even refused to do military service. As a result, he was stripped of his 1967 World Cup victory, fined $ 10,000, and was sentenced to five years in prison (on bail he was released). His will remain until 1970 Box lock pass, his passport will be confiscated and financially can change Muhammad Ali only stay afloat thanks to numerous TV appearances on social issues, for example in universities.