How can Facebook revolutionize mobile payment

Paid with one swipe : How PayPal wants to revolutionize mobile payment

Pay for the ticket with a QR code or settle the restaurant bill with one swipe: PayPal wants to revolutionize mobile payment in Germany. The American payment service presented on Monday far-reaching innovations that are to be introduced in the Federal Republic. The smartphone is the focus for cashless transactions.

You can already pay in hundreds of cafes, restaurants and bars nationwide using the so-called check-in function. The customer checks in to the relevant restaurant using the PayPal app and then receives a number or QR code that he only has to communicate to an employee - the bill is then paid via the PayPal account. In some smaller restaurants, this is not even necessary: ​​When checking in via the app, a portrait photo of the person paying is sent to the waiter, who then confirms the transaction at the counter. Users can view in the app which local bars are already participating. More partners are to be added in the coming months.

Pre-order the coffee

In addition, PayPal wants to use the check-in principle to enable payment at snack machines. A “pre-order function” should also be of interest to many customers. "If you don't want to queue for your coffee in the shop in the morning, you can order it via PayPal and simply take it with you," explains PayPal Germany boss Arnulf Keese. Consumer advocates take a critical view of all these functions: “PayPal then knows where I eat and where I shop. Theoretically, a movement profile could be created and real-time advertising switched on, ”says Markus Feck, financial lawyer at the North Rhine-Westphalia consumer center.

Pay tickets and dog tax

Another field in which PayPal would like to be active in the future is paying by invoice. In Germany, 40 percent of distance selling is done by invoice. But typing the payment data in the online banking system is time-consuming for customers. PayPal wants to offer merchants the option of printing a QR code on the invoice. The customer only has to scan this in with his smartphone and can then pay the amount. This is already possible for paying the dog tax in Hessen. In Kaiserslautern, warning fines for parking offenses can be paid in this way.

The iPhone payment service Apple Pay, which was launched on Monday in the USA, hardly sees PayPal as a competitor in this country. On the one hand, no date has yet been known for an introduction. In addition, unlike the USA, the Federal Republic is not a credit card market, explained Keese. The Savings Banks and Giro Association apparently assesses the potential somewhat differently: According to a “Spiegel” report, it wants to be one of Apple's partners when the company introduces the payment service in Germany. In the USA, too, several financial institutions are already working with Apple. The decisive factor for the future of PayPal is what market share the company can secure in terms of mobile payment volume. It is currently part of the Ebay trading platform. By the end of next year, PayPal is to be spun off and put on the stock exchange.

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