Can people be born without a face

Shock in Portugal: baby born without a face - doctor suspended

A baby without a nose or eyes was born in the Portuguese city of Setúbal. The examining gynecologist had not recognized the malformation - the parents reported it after the birth.

There is horror in Portugal after the birth of a faceless baby. The gynecologist, who looked after the mother during pregnancy and overlooked the malformations, was suspended from his work for six months due to negligence, as the head of the southern Portuguese medical association, Alexandre Valentim Lourenço, told the television station RTP on Wednesday. The association and the Portuguese judiciary initiated investigations.

Little Rodrigo was born on October 7th without nose and eyes in the hospital in Setúbal, south of Lisbon. The baby was also missing part of the skull. The parents only discovered the malformation after the birth. They then filed a complaint against the gynecologist. The newborn is still in the hospital.

Gynecologist gave the all-clear despite anomaly

The gynecologist had looked after the pregnant woman in a private clinic in Setúbal and found no problems with the three prescribed ultrasound examinations. When he found a possible anomaly during a more comprehensive ultrasound examination at the request of the parents in the sixth month of pregnancy, he nevertheless gave the all-clear.

"He explained that sometimes some parts of the face are not visible," said the mother's sister, Joana Simão, the TVI 24 broadcaster. The doctor said that the baby's face pressed against the mother's stomach sometimes does not close be seen.

It was not the first time that the medical association had to deal with the gynecologist. A total of six complaints had been filed against him since 2013.