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Which pet is right for me?

Which pet is right for me?



Chinchillas are good-natured, fun, and active. They are easy to care for and, with proper care, can live up to 20 years. It is important that chinchillas have at least an hour of exercise every day, as they have a great urge to move. Of course, the apartment must be secured accordingly.


Fish might suit you as pets. They are nice to watch, and an aquarium is not as troublesome as caring for dogs and cats. However, fish need regular food and the aquarium must be cleaned at regular intervals.


The sweet degus actually belong to the bush rats. They can live up to nine years - unlike other small animals, this is a long lifespan. However, you have to be very careful with them. If you pull their tails roughly (accidentally), they can be seriously injured.

Color mice

Color mice are cute, very active, and easy to keep. Because they are very intelligent, they can be taught great tricks. However, color mice are known for their strong smell - you have to live with that. Female mice usually have a slightly less strong smell. Color mice only live to be around 1-2 years old.


Hamsters are easy to care for and fun to watch as they whiz through the cage or nibble their food with relish. However, they are not diurnal animals. If you wake hamsters during the day, they are often stressed and sometimes bite. Unlike many other rodents, hamsters should be kept individually.


He is a loyal friend who is always there for you, cuddles with you, plays and follows you everywhere. But it also means a lot of work. You have to go for a walk every day, take care of his fur, challenge him spiritually and as a “pack leader” spend a lot of time with him. But it's worth it: nothing is more wonderful than a four-legged friend who greets you happily at the door every day.


Rabbits are calm and can even be petted - carefully. However, they do not like to be carried and if you press a rabbit too much, it can bite. If there is a garden, a rabbit will enjoy exercise in a fenced-off area.


You enjoy cuddling with a pet, but you don't want to be busy with your pet all the time. A cat would be ideal, because although it needs petting, it also wants to be left alone from time to time. Remember that while you don't go for a walk, you do need to clean the litter box every day. Longhair cats also need regular grooming.

Guinea pig

Guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, fish, chameleons & Co. - For you, all animals are ideal that live in cages and do not require that much effort. Almost all of them need fresh water and food every day (and a clean “place to stay”), but are otherwise not as demanding as dogs and cats.


Rats are extremely intelligent and love to learn tricks - which can be great fun. They can be carried around on the shoulder or like to take a nap there. But they don't necessarily want to be petted and carried in hand a lot. Unfortunately, the males in particular have a strong smell, which can be very unpleasant.


Gerbils are very active and entertaining, easy to care for and the cage is not a lot of work either - apart from cleaning the pee corners every day. In contrast to their "colleagues", the color mice, they hardly have a smell of their own. Gerbils do not need as much space as degus and chinchillas and are therefore easy to keep in smaller rooms.


For you, reptiles like bearded dragons, leopard geckos or crown geckos could be ideal. They live in cages and therefore don't require quite as much effort as dogs and cats. However, they need fresh water every day, regular food and a clean “place to stay”.

Steppe lemmings

Steppe lemmings are voles and are curious but calm animals. They have almost no odor of their own and the pee corners hardly stink either, which is a big plus for many rodent fans. Unfortunately, they don't get very old, but only between 1.5 and 2.5 years.


Birds could be suitable pets for you. In contrast to dogs and cats, they are less expensive to look after, but they need free flight every day. Of course, fresh water and food must always be provided.

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