Amazon trains its employees


Training, further developments and ideas for improvement are fundamental components of the work in our logistics centers. For some, a position at an Amazon fulfillment center is a short-term solution to making money, for others it can be the beginning of a career. At Amazon there are countless opportunities to develop competencies, advance your own career or use our “Career Skills” and “Career Choice” programs to train yourself in a popular professional field, regardless of whether these competencies are related to a job at Amazon. From committed employees who process customer orders to managers who support teams to qualified technicians who ensure that operations run smoothly, around 16,000 employees in our logistics network throughout Germany are convinced that they have found the right job to have.

"Career Choice"

The “Career Choice” program is available to all Amazon employees in Germany who have been working for Amazon continuously for at least two years. With this program, Amazon reimburses up to 95% of the course fees for employees who are aiming for certificates or professional qualifications in popular professional fields, such as aircraft mechanics, computer-aided design, machine tool technology, medical-scientific laboratory work, dental hygiene, solar technology or nursing, to name just a few.

Our educational programs apply exclusively to areas that are particularly in demand. To determine this, we use sources such as those of the Federal Employment Agency in Germany and support training in these occupational fields regardless of whether the skills acquired are relevant for a career at Amazon.

Over 16,000 employees have already taken part in the “Career Choice” program. They came from ten countries - the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic. We are currently expanding the program to include South Africa, Costa Rica and Slovakia.

Due to the great interest in “Career Choice”, we have set up 39 seminar rooms so that university and technology courses can take place in our logistics centers. This makes it even easier for employees to take part in “Career Choice”, as it eliminates the need to travel to the relevant courses.

This program is special (just like us). You won't find anything like it anywhere else. Read what Career Choice graduate Dennis Henning shares about his experience and how the program has improved his life.

"Career Skills"

For many years, Amazon has focused on creating new jobs. Now we are investing even more in training our existing employees so that they develop the career and life skills they need to be successful. “Career Skills” is a free on-site training and development program that is available to all permanent employees from day one. We have been offering the program together with induction courses in our German logistics centers since 2018. It encompasses a wide variety of skills such as writing résumés, conducting job interviews, giving lectures, time management, using Microsoft Excel, and much more. The further development of our employees is important to us, which is why we offer various training programs for our multinational workforce.

Amazon understands that the industry is changing and that in today's world it is not enough just to focus on hiring new employees: We believe that as a global company, we have a responsibility to train employees and help them develop the Develop the skills they need to move into more challenging, higher paying positions. For us, this includes skills that enable our employees to remain flexible in a constantly changing environment and to understand the technical fundamentals that are necessary to assess problems. These competencies not only prepare employees for the various positions that Amazon has to offer, but also enable long-term careers - whether at Amazon or elsewhere.