How can you temporarily stop a period?

Stopping your period - what really helps?

Yes, we love our periods. It is practically our monthly reload, so that we can start again full of power! Still, sometimes it just doesn't fit our business at THIS point in time. On vacation, for example, at the next Tinder date or just on a Friday afternoon in summer when we are actually on our way to the outdoor pool (we only want to swim in the Red Sea in Egypt!). Wouldn't it be great if we could stop our periods or shorten them as we like? Is that possible?

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Home remedies

Sex (y) time!

Stopping Your Period: Home Remedies and What They Really Help You

For all those who want to try a natural variant, there are nature, home remedies and Co. As is so often the case, the scientific effect of natural methods cannot definitely be proven. Even so, there are enough women who go the natural route and even swear by it. And since we are all wonderwomen, we trust our power of visualization ๐Ÿ˜‰ That's why we have compiled the various tips here and let you participate.

1. Do sports

Admittedly, sport is often the last thing we feel like doing during our days, isn't it? Sofa, series and snacks often sound much better (exceptions of course confirm the rule). Sport is the perfect remedy for cramps, for example. In addition, the movement is said to help ensure that blood is removed more quickly. Ergo: a shortened period of time.

2. Home remedies to stop your period

In addition to exercise, there should also be various home remedies to stop your period. Just that Chaste tree (is not as spicy as it sounds and does not belong on the morning scrambled eggs) is said to have a cycle-regulating effect. It is also used when the hormonal balance is out of whack. thyme is said to promote bleeding and yarrow is said to contract the blood vessels. These natural remedies can be called Tea and sometimes as a pill preparation to take in. When it comes to the dosage, you should definitely seek advice, because pure nature can also have side effects.

3. Sex for a shorter period

Having sex on your period may not be for every woman. But watch out ladies! Orgasms are apparently supposed to help shorten menstruation. During orgasm, the uterus contracts, which makes you lose blood more quickly. And that shortens your days. It doesn't matter whether this happens through sex or masturbation. The main thing is that you come!

Apparently there are other things that can help stop or shorten your period. We would advise against doing this, however, if you have not agreed this with your doctor beforehand !!

Stop your period - or not!

In the end, the period is one of us ladies. And whether it lasts two, five or seven days doesn't really matter, as long as we know how to deal with it (don't worry: The Female Company got your bottom!). We promise that we will continue to make sure that your days are your super days with our organic tampons, organic pads and menstrual cups! Take a closer look at our practical delivery service!

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