Why are my friends douchebags

ISPO is part of the Douchebags success story

How has ISPO MUNICH influenced the future of your company?
Douchebags was named a finalist at ISPO Brandnew in the accessories category in 2012, which of course helped us enormously as a start-up. The international attention that we received as newcomers at ISPO Munich was overwhelming and certainly groundbreaking.

After the fair, sales in international markets went through the roof to say the least. All of our ski bags are sold out within just two months! Since then, the Douchebags family has been growing, both in terms of products and employees.

In 2014 our original “The Douchebag” was awarded the ISPO Award in the “Ski” segment as a winner in the “Backbags & Bags” category, and in 2015 our website won the ISPO Award Communication category. In short: ISPO is part of the Douchebags success story.

You call your first product “Douchebags”, your company Douchebags. Why this misleading, perhaps even counterproductive name, which is common as a swear word in the USA (in German: “idiot”, “puke chunks”)?
In fact, when it comes to the company name, we have to explain ourselves more often in the US market than in the rest of the world. When we set out to reinterpret intelligent luggage, the name Douchebags came up for fun.

Of course, we hadn't seriously considered calling our company that at first. On my blog at the time, I later called for a kind of naming contest. Result: The initially absurd name Douchebags met with great approval. And we wondered if the crazy name could actually fit.

After all, we defined our most important company values ​​as "rebellious" and "innovative" even back then. If you want to take on the big players, it might not hurt if you - and if it's an irritating name - take notice of you. At some point the decision was made: let's create a little fuss. So go for it!

So the bold name is to be understood as pure provocation?
We knew that this name would cause irritation but also attention in the USA. (laughs) Not bad for a start-up from Oslo, a city often referred to as the capital of Sweden in the USA, right?

Do you already make money with douchebags, Mr Olsson?
No. Profits are reinvested.