What are the rules for multiple apostrophes

Genitive s in English - apostrophe

What should you watch out for in the spelling of the apostrophe?

In English the genitive becomes -salways with an apostrophe ' attached. Compare:

Ronny's brotherRonny's brother *

* Since the introduction of the new German spelling, the apostrophe can also be used in German to emphasize names, but only if the name is preceded by the s is misleading:
Andrea's Takeout (It's not the takeaway from Andreas, but that of Andrea).

1st singular

Here the noun 's attached.

  • Mandy's brother John plays football.
  • My teacher's name is ...

2nd plural

If the plural form is formed regularly (ending -s), becomes just an apostrophe ' attached:

  • The girls' room is very nice.
  • The Smiths' car is black.

If the plural form is formed irregularly, will 's appended (as in the singular):

  • The children's books are over there.
  • Men's clothes are on the third floor.

If there are several nouns, that relate to a person or thingthat will 's just to the last noun attached. (The teacher is Peter and John's mother.)

  • Peter and John'smother is a teacher.

If there are several nouns, that relate to several people or thingsthat will 'sto both nouns attached. (Both bags are black.)

  • Susan's and Steve'sbags are black.

3. Singular names that end on -s end up

Does a name end in -s, then you hang 's in the name. But now it's also common, just ' to be added to the name. However, this is often seen as poor English. You are on the safe side if you are 's appends. Note this also in our exercises. We evaluate Charles' dog as wrong.

  • Charles's dog - Charles' dog
  • Illinois's capital - Illinois' capital

The same rules also apply to words that end on -x and -z end up.

  • Felix's car - Felix' car

Thanks to Frank.