Are placements in the DTU good

Last Sunday the first of three DTU Triathlon Youth Cups took place in Forst. The NRWTV traveled to Forst on Saturday for optimal competition preparation. This preparation included, among other things, a tour of the competition tracks. A total of 36 athletes, divided into three different age groups, started in the state colors of North Rhine-Westphalia.
On the day of the competition, the junior / youth A athletes were up early because the first start was at 9:00 a.m. In addition to the winner of the junior race, the former NRWTV athlete Tim Siepmann, Anton Schiffer (8th place) and Robin Willemsen (9th place) placed well in the field. With the boys of youth A, the NRWTV with the twin brothers Jonas and Cedric Osterholt scored 5th and 6th and Mattia Wessling in 7th place. In the subsequent race of the junior women and youth A girls, there were very good performances. Katharina Krüger reached 5th place in the junior category and missed qualifying for the European Championship in just 6 seconds. Mala Schulz and Jara Brandenberg secured 6th and 10th place in the same race. Jannika Jesse fought for 7th place in the youth A race. Last but not least, the age group of the youth B athletes started over half the distance. With the girls, Franziska Moll and Kristin Mersmann completed the competition with flying colors and achieved 5th and 8th place. Paul Völker also went home with 4th place and Gianluca Wessling with 8th place. Congratulations.
We look forward to the upcoming competitions.


YOUTH B // female
5. Franziska Moll (TV Werne 03)
8. Kristin Mersmann (SVD Tria Kettwig)
15. Leonie Jesse (TV Lemgo)
16. Maite Küstner (Cologne Triathlon Team 01)
30. Hanna Rose (PV Witten)

YOUTH B // male
4. Paul Völker (SuS Stadtlohn Triathlon)
8. Gianluca Wessling (SSF Bonn)
22. Felix Tiekemeier (TSVE 1890 Bielefeld)
28. Luca Fahrenson (PV Triathlon Witten)
29. Max Meckel (PV Triathlon Witten)
31. Aron Thimm (TV Goch)
36.Simon Spinczyk (Tri Geckos Dortmund)

YOUTH A // female
7. Jannika Jesse (TV Lemgo)
12. Hannah Stegmaier (SSF Bonn)
14. Hanna Jung (TVG Buschhütten)
17. Carina Küstner (Cologne Triathlon Team 01)
19. Christina Voss (SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen)

YOUTH A // male
5. Jonas Osterholt (SuS Stadtlohn Triathlon)
6. Cedric Osterholt (SuS Stadtlohn Triathlon)
7. Mattia Wessling (SSF Bonn)
14. Nick Emde (SSF Bonn)
18. Luca Hagemeyer (Bocholter WSV)
22. Clemens Erdmann (Cologne Triathlon Team 01)
29. Neilan Kempmann (TSVE 1890 Bielefeld)
42. Max Hackler (TVG Buschhütten)
44. Oliver Schuld (TV Hülsenbusch)
45. Joshua Silas Winkler (TSV Solingen Auf der Höhe 1877)

5. Katharina Krüger (SG Eintracht Ergste)
6. Mala Schulz (SV Bergisch Gladbach)
10. Jara Brandenberg (SSF Bonn)

8. Anton Schiffer (PSV Brühl)
9. Robin Willemsen (SuS Stadtlohn Triathlon)
19. Ersen Albayrak (TVG bush huts)
22. Morten Schmidt (Triathlon Team Ratingen)
25. Luca Fröhling (Fortuna Dortmund)
29.Norman Thimm (TV Goch)
Report: Kristin Mersmann