How do you buy things from Sweatcoin

Buy Sweatcoin - that's how it works

There is currently no official marketplace where you can buy or sell Sweatcoins. But you have the option of this website sweatcoins to buy.

Where can I buy Sweatcoins?

We ourselves ( to sell Sweatcoins from other users. So you are welcome to send us an inquiry and we will contact you when we have enough Sweatcoins in stock.

How does the purchase work?

You need to fill out the form above. Make sure that your Sweatcoin username also really fits. Please also give your email address. If we have Sweatcoins in stock, you will receive a payment request from us via PayPal. Once we have received the payment, we will send you your coins within 24 hours. Quite unproblematic and of course also safe (see screenshot).

If you have any questions, you can simply contact us atsweatcoin [AT] write an E-Mail. We will then get in touch with you.

Return Policy: You have 48 hours to request a refund, but you'll need to email us at sweatcoin [AT] and I will send your payment back as soon as I have confirmed that you have returned all Sweatcoins.

Why should I buy Sweatcoins?

As the range of apps grows, you can always do more with your Sweatcoins. The app itself always has very attractive offers in the app marketplace. Many of them are usually only available to a limited extent. If you are missing a few Sweatcoins, you can buy them from us. For some offers, I haven't seen them a second time in the app even after they have expired.

In addition, the app is relatively new. The developers are constantly working on the Sweatcoin app and new features will also be added. Maybe you need your Sweatcoins yourself for these features.

Sweatcoin is currently not a cryptocurrency. So even though the name Coin is in Sweatcoin, it is not yet based on a blockchain. But if that happens, the coin can later be traded on crypto exchanges. Here it is possible that the price will continue to rise.

So there are many ways why you should buy and hold Sweatcoins.