What is it like to have children?

Having a baby: are you ready for a child? Do the test!

Are you thinking of having a baby? We'll help you find out if you're ready for it. With our test you can sort thoughts and feelings better.

Yes, at some point you want to be a mother, a father. But is that just a theoretical thought? Or would you prefer to have a baby soon? If so, are you ready for a child? We can't answer this question, of course, but we can help you find out for yourself.

Our test: are you ready to have a baby?

Simply answer the following 14 questions in your mind spontaneous and honest with yes or no. You will then find the resolution below.

  1. I fondly remember my childhood.
  2. I can now accept my parents with their good and bad sides.
  3. I can take care of myself and make sure that I'm fine.
  4. I consider a child to be very special.
  5. I find it exciting to be able to observe and accompany a child in his development.
  6. I feel able to offer my child a regular life.
  7. I would like to pass on a lot of my life experiences to my child.
  8. My job is important to me, but I'm ready (temporarily) to take a step backwards.
  9. I dare to stay calm when noise and disorder mess up my usual daily routine.
  10. When a child cries, I feel the need to comfort them.
  11. I look forward to having a child one day.
  12. I prefer living in a family with children to any other way of life.
  13. My partner and I are a good team.
  14. I am curious what kind of personality our child together will have.

Denouement: are you ready for a baby?

If you've said yes at least eight times:

You wish to have a baby and it looks like you are ready for it too! Is your life not (yet) perfectly set up for a baby in all areas? Never mind, actually it almost never is. It is only important that you and your partner: share this desire together and know that it does not arise from a temporary mood. You might be wondering if there is an ideal age to have a baby? There are different answers to this, read here in our article “The ideal age to have children?” And if you are really impatient, we have 10 tips here to make it work faster.

If you've said yes less than eight times:

Your willingness to have a child is still relatively subdued. Maybe you don't feel really safe in your partnership yet? Or is your personal freedom at least more important to you now? Or do you really want to get started in your job? Take a closer look at the questions: Where did you say "no" - and why? In this way you can find out where your obstacles are on the way to having a baby.