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VdK demands: Complete the letter of the DRV

Those who receive a low pension can possibly hope for a premium from the basic pension. But people in cohorts nearing retirement in particular are also interested in whether they meet the criteria for the basic pension supplement. The VdK therefore demands that employees are regularly informed about this.

The prerequisite for receiving the basic pension supplement is at least 33 years of retirement in the statutory pension insurance. But most people do not know how many years of retirement they have in the account of the German Pension Insurance (DRV). "We propose a corresponding addition to the letters of the German Pension Insurance, which all legally insured persons regularly receive," says VdK state chairman Ulrike Mascher.

Get an overview
In the pension information that the DRV regularly sends to its insured persons, only the expected pension amount for the old-age pension and that of a disability pension is given. “In future, these letters should also automatically provide information on the number of pension insurance years achieved so far, with a reference to a possible entitlement to the basic pension supplement.

The pension insurance company has these figures for each individual insured person, ”says Mascher. The more detailed pension information, which can be requested from the DRV, should be expanded accordingly. Such additional information for the insured would also be to the advantage of the DRV, as it would avoid inquiries.

Secure entitlement
Mascher sees yet another important advantage: “Anyone who has always earned below average can easily lose confidence in the security provided by the statutory pension. The reference to the basic pension entitlement could contribute to the fact that some people who are still missing contribution periods, prefer not to forego their pension insurance contributions in their job. Unfortunately, this happens far too often at the moment, especially in the precarious working conditions such as mini jobs that are widespread in Bavaria.

Do you have any questions about the new basic pension or basic security in old age? Your VdK district association will be happy to help.

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