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Re: It's Christmas ... Which malt mill (MatMill o. A.)

Contribution from Rellington ┬╗Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:29 pm

Matthias H wrote:
Rellington wrote:...
And now comes the hammer ... I see almost no difference to the mill from Matmill. The grinder is identical and, at around 100 euros, much cheaper than the Matmill.
But that's my own subjective impression. I can only say that the 2 roller mill from Polsinelli fully meets normal requirements!
Hello, I know both of them and I can't refrain from throwing in my objection, before apples and pears are being compared here out of ignorance.
The Polsinelli mentioned is just like brewferm, and how they are all labeled, a very cheap product from China, which is sold there for $ 20 if you remove a container. At least that's what was offered to me from China without being asked.
So what is true is the fact that you cannot work for 2EUR / in Germany and make a living from it and thus a German product is significantly more expensive in the entire production and distribution chain.

The core piece is the rollers: With the MattMills it starts with a hardened 35mm diameter. The china mills that I have here have a buttery 1 inch, i.e. 25.4mm. Out of interest, I simply hit a MattMill roller slightly against the Chinese one and was honestly shocked.
As is well known, the length does not matter, but: here it stands 125mm to 171mm.

Maybe still the weight? A MattMill Basic is over two and a half times as heavy as the Chinese: 5kg to 2kg. Admittedly, the massive housings are technically not absolutely necessary, but a 1mm thin, sharp-edged sheet metal strip as a cross connection is not possible with me.
Synchronization? In the case of classic rollers with a smaller diameter, it is indispensable in the long term that both rollers are not only moved by the malt grain in between. Soft rollers in particular lose their grip sooner or later, and then nothing works anymore.
(I also had to learn that and I replaced practically all the rollers from the first series ten years ago.) Is your colleague in the Far East thinking about something like that? I'm also afraid that all the windy china merchants are satisfied with a tired smile.
The other day I mentioned that a MattMill user asked for an overhaul after 32,000 kg (!) Of malt grist. The synchronizer rings were worn out and the rollers had started to get blunt. He got everything new.

Surely for someone who primarily looks at the price, this thing (from Ebay or something) is dear and expensive. Many use them and are satisfied for their needs.
But please: Don't just say you don't see any difference!
I am impressed and I have to say, Matthias: Your detailed analysis of the cheaper Polsinelli mill made me think! Perhaps, when I have turned my mill into nirvana, I will buy a German ... Thank you for this presentation
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