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Translation of "pretty talkative" in English

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You were by your standards quite talkative.
With their vodka they always will quite talkative.
253.2. But that was the case with the rest of the guests quite talkative to.
The trip promised to be extremely entertaining, the young man was quite talkative.
The trip promised to pass quickly as the young man was very talkative.

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Then there was this one pretty chatty, eloquent armchairs.
I don't know why, actually my father is a quite chatty Man?
Most were right Talkative and could quite clearly express their belief that legalization is the best solution.
Most of them were quite willing to talk other very clearly expressed their conviction that legalization would be the best solution.
Tonight shows Morten very relaxed and talkative, comments on things he hears and sees in the crowd and finally comments on his own comments, accompanied by quite lots of laughter.
Tonight shows Morten in a very relaxed and talkative mood, commenting on things he sees and hears in the crowd, and then even commenting his own comments, which results in quite a bit of laughter.
is a quite new band, but they seem to have won fans thanks to their performance at Helldone 2013 festival with HIM. In addition, the self-confident and made it talkative Fronter Vivian Shockley also pulls the people out of their seating position and lures them in front of the stage.
is a quite new band, but they had obviously already made some fans due to their appearance at Helldone 2013 festival with HIM. Moreover, the self confident and talkative front man Vivian Shockley managed to get the other people off their seats.
Then there was this one pretty chatty, eloquent armchairs.
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