Does a state farm have health insurance?

India: health for half a billion people

Long-term partnerships enable extensive protection

The state health insurance is a project of historic dimensions: PM-JAY has already made almost twelve million stays in over 10,000 hospitals possible. Innovative IT instruments are used to cope with this scale. These help to determine and bill the entitlement to services. To this end, GIZ offers training courses for managers and experts from the health authorities who introduce and implement health insurance. A major goal: as many state and private hospitals as possible should offer services under PM-JAY. In this way, even more people can be reached and the insurance system can be used nationwide.

The corona pandemic is now pushing the Indian health system to its limits. GIZ and the regional governments are therefore pooling all their resources to contain the spread of the virus and relieve the burden on the health system. Great attention is paid to the northern states, where the health care system is particularly stressed. Many people who are from the north and moved to southern cities for work have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. They are now returning to their homeland and are putting additional strain on the health facilities.

Increase test capacities and expand modern IT infrastructure

In order to stop the rapid spread of the virus, the health authorities are relying on mandatory Covid-19 tests for respiratory infections. At the start of the pandemic, the Indian government stipulated that the cost of tests and medication for over 100 million households would be covered by insurance. GIZ also supports existing public and private laboratories: it works with the states to coordinate the tests and subsidizes the costs incurred for people who do not have access to state insurance. Additional laboratories are being set up with the help of GIZ in order to cope with the enormous amount of test samples.