What is your mind 3

The Bible in the standard translation


The book of Jesus Sirach, chapter 3

Sir 3.1Hear, you sons, what is the right of the father and act accordingly so that you are well.Sir 3.2For the Lord commanded the children to honor their father and committed the sons to respect their mother's rights.Sir 3.3He who honors the Father is forgiven of sins,Sir 3.4and he who respects his mother is like a man who gathers treasures.Sir 3.5Those who honor the father will enjoy their own children / and if they pray they will be heard.Sir 3.6He who respects his father will live long, and whoever shows his mother glory shows it to the Lord.Sir 3.7He who fears the Lord honors his father / and serves his parents like superiors.Sir 3.8My son, honor your father in word and deed, / so that all blessings come upon you.Sir 3.9The blessing of the father strengthens the root, but the curse of the mother uproots the young plant.Sir 3.10Do not seek your glory in disparaging your Father, for that is no honor for you.Sir 3.11A man's honor is that of his father; / whoever despises his mother sins grievously.Sir 3.12My son, when your father is old, take care of him / and do not grieve him while he is alive.Sir 3.13If his mind decreases, look after him / and do not shame him in your full power!Sir 3.14Because love for the Father is not forgotten / it is entered as an atonement for your sins.Sir 3.15In the time of distress it will be repaid to you; / it melts your sins like warmth melts a ring.Sir 3.16He who abandons his father acts like a blasphemer, and God curses whoever offends his mother..


Sir 3.17My son, in all that you do, be humble / and you will be loved more than one who gives gifts.Sir 3.18The bigger you are, the more humble yourself / then you will find grace with God.Sir 3.19[]Sir 3.20For great is the power of God / and he is glorified by the humble.Sir 3.21Do not seek to fathom what is too wonderful for you / do not examine what is veiled from you.Sir 3.22You may search through what is assigned to you, / but you do not need the hidden.Sir 3.23Do not stubbornly seek to know / what is beyond your strength. / It is already too much what you can see.Sir 3.24The thoughts of men are manifold, / worse delusion leads astray.Sir 3.25[Whoever has no eye lacks light, / whoever has no insight lacks wisdom.]Sir 3.26A defiant heart ends badly, / but whoever loves good, it will guide him.Sir 3.27A defiant heart creates much suffering / and the wrongdoer piles up sin on sin.Sir 3.28There is no cure for the wound of the arrogant, / for a poisonous herb has its roots in it.Sir 3.29A wise heart understands the sayings [of the wise], / an ear that listens to wisdom brings joy.Sir 3.30As water extinguishes a blazing fire, so charity atones for sin.Sir 3.31He who does good meets it on his way / as soon as he wavers, he finds support.